Clinton Group Paid Thousands

PUBLISHED: 4:24 PM 7 Mar 2018

DNC, DCCC Give Clinton’s “Resistance” Group $900,000 For “List Acquisitions”

The DNC gave Clinton's group money that was intended to help state Democratic groups.

Clinton extorted the DNC and DCCC for cash.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extorted the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to receive nearly $900,000 for her “resistance” group, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

The DNC and DCCC combined forces to give Onward Together nearly one million dollars for “list acquisitions” ahead of the crucial midterm elections.

Clinton created the far-left group in April 2017 and said it would work in unison with the other “resistance” groups to take down President Donald Trump.

Federal Election Commission filings reveal the DNC paid Onward Together roughly $300,000 on Jan. 8 for “list acquisitions.”

On Dec. 12, the DCCC gave Onward Together $286,689.34. In January, Clinton’s group received two additional payments in the amounts of 145,882.40 and $139,242.20 for “lists.”

The filings don’t specify what “list acquisition” entails, but it likely means emails and donor lists that can be used in the elections in November.

The payments were intended to help cash-strapped Democratic party groups in eleven different states.

But Clinton exerted her power and ensured the funds would be funneled into her own coffers.

Now that Clinton has been paid, these states are demanding the DNC pay them the money they were owed to assist with rebuilding efforts.

The DNC is expected to donate $1 million — not the initial $10 million it promised — to these 11 states: Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and West Virginia.

The DNC not only gave Clinton’s group money that was expected to go to state groups, it also illuminated how the party is latching onto the former secretary of state to remain relevant.

Rather than usher in fresh faces and new leaders, Democrats refuse to let Clinton wither away from the political scene.

With Clinton extorting hundreds of thousands of dollars from the DNC and DCCC, it is clear who is running the Democratic Party and calling the shots.