PUBLISHED: 3:18 PM 29 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 3:53 PM 6 Sep 2016

DNC Chair Just Tried It, Assange Comes Out Of NOWHERE And Shows EVERYTHING

Assange Has Already Proved So Much, Imagine What Is Coming Next

Assange Has Already Proved So Much, Imagine What Is Coming Next

Assange Has Already Proved So Much, Imagine What Is Coming Next

Everyone remembers when Julian Assange and WikiLeaks dropped an atomic bomb on the Democrats in July that led to half of the higher-up executives resigning. They also showed that they rigged the election against Sen. Sanders by using the media to promote Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are still feeling that burn as they are trying to recovering from having their own words paint them as the racist liars they are. In their latest move to play the victim, Interim Chair of the DNC, Donna Brazile, told ABC’s Martha Raddatz Sunday that the DNC, and other organizations highlighted by WikiLeaks, are “victims of a cyber crime led by thugs.”


Julian Assange Is More Of An American Patriot Than All Of The Democrats Put Together

 Brazile added:

We are victims — the DNC and other organizations — are the victims of a cyber crime led by thugs. We know from the company that we hired, CrowdStrike, that there was Russian involvement in this to destabilize not just our institution, the Democratic party, but our democracy itself. The notion that were gong to let some person put out personal, sensitive information across the world, jeopardizing people’s privacy, and w’ere interviewing him as if he’s going to have a smoking gun.

What’s so odd about this entire situation is that the Democrats are claiming they are victims and that Julian Assange is a criminal. You know who they have yet to call a criminal one time? Crooked Hillary. The woman responsible for profiting $1 billion while Secretary of State, the woman with a body count over 50 now, and the woman that has destroyed the fabric our Founding Fathers put together for us.

Sources working in the US for Julian Assange drop breadcrumbs from time to time on anonymous channels indicating what to expect with his “October surprise.” The sources claim that Assange will prove wholeheartedly that Hillary armed ISIS directly on purpose, that she took millions more in donations we do not know about in exchange for American resources, and they claim Hillary is much more connected to Russia than we know right now.

Here is the leaked memo that Hillary and Obama saw  in 2012 indicating that if ISIS was left alone, they would set up a stronghold in the exact place they still are located today.

Leaked Memo Disregarded By Obama And Hillary

Leaked Memo Disregarded By Obama And Hillary

The source argues that Hillary and Bill knowingly decided to arm ISIS so that when they grew larger, the US could profit. When Hillary was Secretary of State, she convinced Obama ISIS was the “jay-vee” team. They armed them secretly so they could grow. When ISIS took the world by “surprise” in 2014, Obama and Hillary left them to they could profit.

Hillary, as Secretary, used ISIS as leverage. She would tell countries near ISIS strongholds that she would sell them massive shipments of arms and resources in exchange for donations to her Foundation. And guess what? Not only is that true, but why else would ISIS still exist today? The source argues the emails will prove that Hillary and Obama are not trying to eliminate ISIS because they are still profiting off foreign nations.

Do you really need anymore proof who the criminal is? This is just one leak by Julian Assange that proves Hillary and Obama allowed ISIS to grow, form, and take over the world with their jihadi network. He claims to have a lot more damaging information on her, as well.

Imagine that. He has information on Hillary Clinton more damaging than allowing ISIS to take over the world. How much worse could a human being be? I guess Hillary really outdid herself if she found a way to commit more heinous acts than creating the largest terrorist organization to ever walk this planet.

She has a longstanding history of committing crimes, yet when Julian Assange exposes Hillary’s crimes while at the State Dept., he is the criminal? That makes no sense, but that’s just liberal logic.

We Won't Stop Until Hillary Is Put Behind Bars, Where She Deserves To Be!

We Won’t Stop Until Hillary Is Put Behind Bars, Where She Deserves To Be!

Democrats like Donna Brazile will have you believing that these lies and scandals are a mistake–they’re not, they are a record. Hillary Clinton has been entirely consistent in her criminal career. And just as consistently, she has never faced any consequences for her crimes.

If the Clinton’s can commit any crime that they like without being held accountable, that sends a message to ordinary people that we are not a nation of laws, but of special interests. It becomes harder to ask the average person to do the right thing when their leaders profit by doing the wrong thing.

The Clinton’s have amassed fortune and gained superiority by using corruptness. If they aren’t held accountable, we no longer are a nation of integrity, values, and ethics.

Share This If You Are Tired Of Her Getting Away With These Crimes!

Share This If You Are Tired Of Her Getting Away With These Crimes!

America deserves leaders who inspire us to be better people. And we can’t have that until we start holding corrupt politicians accountable. It is time for Americans from all parties and political backgrounds to demand an end to the immunity of the Clinton Cartel.

If we don’t continue to share these leaks, he can’t accomplish justice like he is risking his life to. We have reports of social media censoring these type of posts, but they can’t stop them if they are heavily shared. Please show this to everyone! Obama and Hillary are the founders of ISIS. If elected, Hillary may give rise to ISIS 2.0, and we will never be able to stop them.