'Immigrant' Healthcare

PUBLISHED: 4:43 PM 1 Jul 2019

DNC Chair Defends Free Healthcare For ‘Undocumented’ Invaders

These people are NOT immigrants, they are criminal invaders.

He says 'allowing people' to buy, but what he really means is 'forcing' people to do what he wants.. like he's our master.

After every democrat contended for the 2020 race raised their hands in support of making taxpayers foot the bill for illegal invaders’ healthcare costs, Tom Perez, chair of the DNC went on Fox News Sunday to double down on the so-called ‘reasons’ these criminals have the right to our hard-earned money.

Breitbart news reported:

Perez said, “It’s an insurance program, so you got to pay into it. Immigrants, including undocumented immigrants, pay billions of dollars in taxes. That is the reality.”

[Wrong. Most of them do not claim enough income—if they even fill out tax returns—to qualify to pay federal income taxes. They are a drain on the American economy to the tune of over $100 billion dollars a year in the free benefits they already get!]

He continued, “Democrats believe that you should be able to buy into a health insurance system. It is not a handout.”

[Wrong. This is the definition of a hand out and would destroy the best healthcare system in the world.]

He added, “I live in a community right now where if you are a pregnant woman and you are undocumented, we provide you with access to health care because we believe that having good prenatal care is an essential health care issue an essential issue of economics and frankly an essential issue of morality. The party of Lincoln is dead, and one of the things that died with it is compassion, and this is not a handout. again, this is allowing people to buy into an insurance program, people who pay billions of dollars in taxes.”

‘Allowing’… doesn’t he mean forcing people!?

Democrats have been railing against Lincoln since he was elected for one reason:

They hate anyone and anything that takes away their slave-holder standing.

Tom Perez’ arguments were idiotic and illogical.