PUBLISHED: 6:07 PM 12 Dec 2017

“Divisive And Ineffective”: Merkel-Led EU Realizes Devastating Mistake As Future Questioned

The president of the European council, Donald Tusk

The president of the European council, Donald Tusk

The European Union is considering halting its migrant quota system for countries who have volunteered to take in refugees from the developing world. Most of the countries sending refugees are in the Middle East and Africa. The majority of the refugees fleeing to Europe are also Muslim.

In light of the controversy surrounding the forced placement of Muslims in predominately Christian nations, the president of the European council, Donald Tusk, will address EU leaders at a summit on Thursday. At that summit, Tusk is planning on explaining to the EU that mandatory quotas have been “divisive and ineffective.”

Tusk will set a six-month deadline for EU leaders to devise and unanimously accept reforms to the refugee quota system that will benefit the welcoming countries. However, Tusk is set to propose fitting alternatives if the leaders of the EU do not reach a consensus.

It’s almost a certainty that Tusk will face opposition from the EU and the European commission.

“If there is no solution … including on the issue of mandatory quotas, the president of the European council will present a way forward,” Tusk stated in a letter addressed to the capitals of each nation.

Clashes between refugees and native citizens are commonplace throughout Eastern and Western Europe

This news comes as a surprise after the EU’s top court ruled in September that member states would be forced to accept thousands of refugees under a mandatory quota system.

But Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have staunchly opposed refugee resettlements in their countries. Earlier this year, the European Court of Justice dismissed Hungary and Slovakia’s legal challenge to the quota system. Britain is exempt from the scheme, since it opted out of participating in the EU’s thinly veiled attempt at eradicating national borders.

In 2015, a majority of EU leaders backed the quota system, but Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania opposed the plan. The nations argued that they were not equipped to accommodate people from mainly Muslim countries. And that’s probably because Muslims, like illegal aliens in the US, refuse to assimilate.

Poland initially showed support for the mandatory quotas. But with its current government of Right Wing politicians, the country has established that it is against forced migration, and intervened in the court battle on Hungary and Slovakia’s behalf.

Regardless of Poland’s efforts, most of the other EU countries backed the plan in court. If this scheme sounds insane, it’s because it is. Why are other nations being forced to take on “asylum seekers” in the first place?

Remember Agenda 21? It’s been replaced with Agenda 2030. And it’s the main reason forced migration is ruining Europe.

According to the United Nations, “Migration is one of the defining features of the 21st century and significantly contributes to economic and social development everywhere. As such, migration will be key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.”

In other words, regardless of how the welcoming countries feel about the invaders, the EU and the UN have already decided that forced migration will allow them to achieve their goals.

And one of these goals is to make the welcoming countries less affluent. They want the affluent countries to pay to alleviate poverty for the incoming parasites.  This is one reason the UN keeps pushing the Paris Climate Agreement nonsense. They need the US’s tax dollars to fund their one-world vision. This type of thinking is what is causing the standard of living in Sweden to fall.

The first refugees were justified using the Syrian War. Images of Syrians victimized by the war were flashed across TV’s round the clock in order to garner support for relocating Syrians to more developed nations.

Aylan Kurdi’s dead body shown washed ashore was the perfect propaganda the Left needed to guilt countries into taking in migrants, and shaming those who didn’t. Somehow, though, men, women and children (mostly men) from predominately Muslim countries have also been granted asylum in more developed nations.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Nigeria have all been sending refugees to European countries and North America. And they bring the third world with them.

One of the many images the Left utilized to pull at heart strings and garner support for the invasion on Europe

The men from these countries are not familiar with women having rights. In Islam, women have almost no rights. When these same men encounter women walking around freely, with no head scarf on, and wearing what they please, many of these men get angry and assault the women in the welcoming countries.

These “refugees” also kidnap children and women for the purpose of raping them or selling them into sex slavery.

The best part of the welcoming country getting raped and pillaged is the fact that most of these migrants live off the monthly stipend they receive from the governments of the countries they go to.

In other words, the men and women who are hosting the parasites from the third world are paying to be beaten, raped, and kidnapped. In fact, Sweden has become the rape capital of the world.

This woman was brutally raped and beaten by refugees in Sweden

The leaders of the welcoming countries care absolutely nothing about what the citizens endure. The leadership routinely covers up the most heinous of crimes by these “refugees” and try to make the international focus on these problems disappear.

Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, and Greece have all seen their cultures eradicated because their governments prefer to take care of refugees as opposed to caring more for their own citizens. The leadership of these countries continues to ignore the cries for help from their own people.

Hopefully, the European Union will start to change its views on this, but with Agenda 2030 needing to be fulfilled, it seems highly unlikely.

This “refugee crisis” wasn’t an accident. It was manufactured. Just look at what happened with the viral video “With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations.” After receiving over one million views in just 5 days, YouTube removed the anti-refugee video.

And with more countries beginning to push back on refugees, including the United States, there may be a chance that the EU will fold and for once do what is best for its members.