PUBLISHED: 7:21 PM 27 Feb 2017

Diversity Now Includes Thought, Bill Introduced Requires All Colleges To Have Republican Professors

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Students have had enough

Have you ever considered the political affiliation of college professors? Many haven’t unless they have attended college classes lately or have children in college. That is perhaps why they numbers are skewed in regards to liberal versus conservative professors.

The recent election and the ensuing liberal meltdowns have turned our eyes to campuses and how they are reacting. The view has been disheartening. Colleges appear to be overwhelmingly liberal, both professors and students demonstrating their dominance.

Samuel Abrams, a professor of politics at Sarah Lawrence College, decided to take a look at 25 years of survey data. The results were astonishing; the amount of liberal professors has tripled since 1989.

The proportion of liberal professors rose from 2-to-1 in 1989 to 6-to-1 in 2014. New England saw the largest shift, going from an abnormally high 5-1 ratio in 1989 to an overwhelming 28-1 in 2014.

This leaves college students subjected to an increasing amount of rhetoric from their professors. Should politics even have a place in the college classroom? That is another issue completely.

Republican Senator Mark Chelgren from Iowa is on a mission to change the discrepancies. He believes that by requiring professors to disclose their political affiliation, balance can be restored. He aims to do this with the introduction of a new bill in the Iowa government.

SF 288 states that “a person shall not be hired as a professor or instructor” if that “person’s political party affiliation on the date of hire would cause the percentage of the faculty belonging to one political party to exceed by 10 percent the percentage of the faculty belonging to the other political party.”

The bill would only apply to “institutions governed by the Iowa Board of Regents, those being the University of Iowa, Iowa State University, and the University of Northern Iowa.”

There is a rather large loop-hole though. Prospective faculty would have the choice of declaring “no party affiliation,” and thus would “not be considered in determining the political party composition of the faculty.”

While this seems to defeat the purpose of the bill, Chelgren accounted for that. “The state commissioner of elections” would be obligated to “furnish, free of charge, voter registration records to the institutions of higher learning.”

Iowa is similar to many states; voters are not required to disclose their party affiliation when registering. However, primary and caucus elections are only open to voters who officially identify with the party holding them. This means that to actually vote, the party of the voter must eventually be disclosed, giving more information to inquirers.

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Iowa voted Republican in the 2016 election, that may indicate this bill has a chance

The reasoning behind this bill is simple. Take a look at the actions of professors and college administrators and you get an immediate idea of the brainwashing that is occurring.

Professors allowed students to miss or reschedule exams if they were feeling “traumatized” by the November elections.

Riots have been breaking out on campus with alarming frequency. Not just protests but actual riots. Berkeley has been the site of many, causing millions of dollars in damages to the campuses.


Students are out of control

California State University administrators have recently issued memos encouraging students to not cooperate with Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials. Instead they are told to call campus police and wait for legal representation.

Republican students have been the targets of intimidation and violence. Students attempting to start conservative groups have been shut down. Trump supporters have been frequently attacked. Liberals allow for no dissent; their selfish minds just cannot handle conversations where they may be proven wrong.

These and other incidents occurring all across the country have created a hostile environment on campuses. Colleges have become more about pushing one set of ideals on everyone rather than encouraging balanced discussions and actual learning from others’ ideas. The purpose of colleges is to educate not indoctrinate.

Needless to say, there are many who are opposing this legislation in Iowa.

“The Board of Regents is opposed to the bill,” spokesman Josh Lehman told The Washington Post. “We expect our universities to hire the most qualified faculty to teach our students, and we believe in diversity of thought.”

Senator Herman Quirmbach told reporters, “To establish quotas by political party association in academic departments would just destroy our public universities. It’s one of the worst ideas I’ve heard in 15 years here.”

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Democrats in Iowa are firmly opposed to the new bill

Representative Mary Mascher cites discrimination; “We do have a Constitution and its there for a reason, and it’s to try to protect equity and to make sure that we don’t judge people on the basis of their race or religion, their creed, their political beliefs. We never ask that question when someone’s hired: Are you a Republican, Democrat, or independent, or Green Party, or socialist, or any of that. And I think that would be clearly discriminatory.”

Her arguments in particular lack the element of truth. Liberals have been demonstrating a clear misunderstanding of “discrimination” these days. They continue to make assumptions and decisions based solely on political affiliation and religion more than any Republican ever could.

The battle in Iowa is just beginning. With President Trump threatening federal funding withdrawl for colleges who continue to break the law, debates such as this one will be happening everywhere. Democrats cannot continue to just pretend that President Trump doesn’t exist. He is gaining traction while they lose it.

Something has to change. The blatant entitlement that is being encouraged is approaching a breaking point. Citizens and lawmakers are fed up with constant disregard for law and order. Largely Republican governments are going to begin offering ultimatums; they already have in some places.

It will be interesting to watch the choices being made. Liberals have spent 3 solid months protesting and eroding American strength. Their childish denials are worn out and yet they cling to them stubbornly.

Too many years of watching leaders such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Warren have contributed to the idea that Democrats have carte blanche. It is going to be an unpleasant day when they realize that era is over.