PUBLISHED: 8:35 PM 1 Mar 2017

Disturbing: VA Scandal Unraveling As Veterans Forced To Wait Hours, 1 Vet On The Ground In Pain

VA Department

The Department Of Veterans Affairs Has Seen Several Scandals

On the calendar for the United States, there are two days that formally recognized the dedication and sacrifices that United States military veterans have made. While Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day are well-earned holidays, American citizens should be thanking military members EVERY DAY that they can.

These military veterans have put so much on the line so that average citizens have the ability to remain free in this country. It’s only right for them to be prepared to die and sacrifice themselves to make sure everyone else in the United States has their constitutional rights in tact.

That is what they deserve at least. In reality, veterans are treated worse than illegal immigrants in the nation. The Department of Veterans Affairs has been infused with numerous scandals under former President Obama. How disturbing is it that a former president, whose very nickname is the Commander-in-Chief, would put illegals in front of military veterans?

It’s incredibly disturbing, and that is the very word used to describe how patients of the VA are treated. For instance, in Durham, North Carolina, there was an elderly veteran at a VA facility that was waiting to see a doctor FOR HOURS.

Due to the amount of time that it was taking for him to see the doctor, the elderly veteran was suddenly overcome with pain and did his best to try and alleviate it. He decided to lie on the floor, hoping that some relief would come to him.

Meanwhile a witness that was in the waiting room captured pictures of the veteran and posted them to her personal Facebook page, along with a note that a nurse was screaming at the veteran to get off of the floor. Despite the fact that he was in a tremendous amount of pain, from being forced to wait hours to see a doctor, this nurse was yelling at a veteran to get off the floor.

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As Seen In These Photos, This Poor Veteran Wasn’t Being Treated Properly

The people who had photographed this event occurring was Stephen McMenamin and his wife, Hanna. Mr. McMenamin is a former U.S. Marine himself seeking care. As the story goes, these two were waiting to see a doctor when another veteran came in, and asked to lie down because he was in a lot of pain.

The nurse, who defied all the basic teachings of how to treat patients with care, told the man to have a seat. Mr. McMenamin got up and offered his seat, which had a recliner built in. After about 15 minutes or so, the same nurse came back and demanded that the elderly veteran get up and go sit in the waiting area.

Despite the pleas from the veteran saying he had to lay down and couldn’t sit, the nurse refused to listen and had him go back in the waiting room, despite being in a tremendous amount of pain. Mr. McMenamin approached the nurse and asked why the elderly veteran wasn’t allowed to sit in the seat that he had given up.

The nurse didn’t give an explanation, or even her name, and just walked off, all while the elderly veteran was still struggling. He had asked multiple times for a place to lean back, or even lie down, and the nurse had the nerve to completely disregard him. After he was completely and thoroughly rejected, he laid on the floor, where he was yelled at some more.

“The nurse started yelling at him, telling him he can’t do that. He’s like, ‘I can’t get up and I won’t get up. I will be here until you can see me. Can I please have a blanket?’” Mr. McMenamin told Atlanta’s WSB-TV news team.

Unfortunately this incident in the VA isn’t surprising, according to Representative Robert Pittenger (R-N.C). “It’s absolutely tragic. It’s frankly reflective of what we’ve seen from the VA, and that’s why I sponsored last year and this year, the VA Accountability Act.”

VA officials Getting smoaked

VA Officials Have Yet To Fix This Issue, Which Has Been Occurring For Some Time

The leader of North Carolina’s Veterans of Foreign Wars branch has claimed that the situation has improved dramatically in the state. However, he did add that if what was being depicted in the photos is true, the staff responsible needs to be fired.

The director of the medical center, DeAnne Seekins, released her own statement on the incident to the news station.

“We take seriously any allegation of poor service. I was made aware of a regrettable incident that occurred in our Emergency Department over the weekend and am thankful someone cared enough to share the incident with us. Our mission is to provide the highest level of health care to Veterans, so upon learning of the incident, I took swift action. The employee was immediately removed from patient care pending the results of an internal review.”

She also added, “It is an honor to serve America’s heroes and actions that do not align with our core values will not be tolerated. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care to the Veterans we serve and being responsive to our patient’s needs. Veterans deserve nothing less.”

That represents a stark difference from the update that the McMenamins posted on their Facebook page. An update said that the VA was upset with the fact that they had posted these photos online for everyone to see. How about this then, maybe if the VA actually starts treating their patients with the RESPECT that they deserve, then these types of incidents won’t happen!

This is exactly why we need to have the VA fixed. The new VA Secretary has boldly claimed that they are going to completely reform the VA for the sake of the veterans. He even said that if there are employees that are going to stand in the way of that and continue to disrespect these people, then they will be fired immediately.


New VA Secretary David Shulkin, Pictured Above, Has Vowed To Clean Up The VA

Unfortunately this isn’t the worst thing that has happened to veterans of the VA scandals. There was a case in early December that showed a veteran had died and on his body were actual maggots. These are insects that appear when wounds are not treated carefully. Oh but they weren’t the cause of his death, which means that they were on his body while the poor man was still alive. How disgusting!

Share this article with everyone to show that once again the corrupt VA is treating the military veterans like utter garbage. Now they have refused to give elderly veterans areas to lie down in and when they have to lie down to help with the pain, they are yelled at to sit down. Is this really how veterans should be treated? The answer is obvious.