Teen Arranges Carjacking

PUBLISHED: 12:30 AM 20 Feb 2018

Disturbed Teen Arranges Carjacking Of Her Own Father

She was also in the car when this all occurred.

This stunt could have ended the lives of innocent people.

Carjackings are reported daily and they often end in the most tragic and frightful of ways. This grim fact did nothing to stop Susan Mize from setting up her own father (and herself) for just such a horror.

According to the Daily Mail, Montgomery County Texas deputies believe that the 17-year-old “set up her own father to be carjacked by two other teenagers on Friday night.” She had two thugs, “a 16-year-old black male and another white male” carjack her dad and her as they drove in their “red Nissan at the intersection of Rayford Road and I45 in the town of Spring.

The men held the family at gunpoint and demanded that they be driven to the teen’s home and given money, the Mongomery County Police Reporter reports.

The plan, which was doomed to fail as soon as the Susan Mize trusted her hired criminals not to tell, was felled when the father ran into the home and simply dialed 911.

The two men let Mize free and fled in the car. Soon, police spotted the car, and this led to chase “until the car was abandoned near Riley Fuzzel Road and Aldine Westfield.”

The culprits then ran for the shelter of nearby woods as they attempted to flee justice. When one of the suspects fired a gun, a full-blown manhunt was called and things went from serious to dire in the mind of law enforcement officers.

The Mail tells us that the “16-year-old black male was captured by police on the 3500 block of Rayford Road and he was transferred to the Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center.” Unfortunately for those in this Texas community, the white criminal who is thought to have fired the gun was not found and remains at large.

At the scene, the younger Mize was arrested and it was discovered that the whole plot was her doing. She is being held on a $75,000 bond and was taken to the “Montgomery County Jail where she faces aggravated robbery charges.”

The girl is lucky that those who she hired did not kill her, her father, an officer, or someone else. All because of her folly and their greed, there are a number of young people here who will now have major blemishes on their records before they even really begin adulthood.

Hopefully, this teaches them a lesson.

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