PUBLISHED: 6:46 PM 22 Mar 2017

Disgusting: Maryland Legislators Ditch 14-Year-Old Girl, Defend Illegal’s Assault To Show Tolerance


Maryland is pushing a bill to become a sanctuary city.

It is a story that should work to tell leftists and stores like Target why the American people want each sex in their nature approved bathroom. An innocent girl of 14 was raped in a high school lavatory by two men, one an 18 year old illegal immigrant. She was forced over a commode and brutally violated both anally and vaginally with force as she menstruated and begged for it to stop. It was an attack so savage that it not only shook Maryland to the core, but also worked to shed light on why President Trump is so adamant about addressing this hushed problem.

It would be expected by any sane person that Maryland would get significantly tougher on all things relating to legal migration and the border after this crime, but that is not the case. Instead, “lawmakers in the state of Maryland just voted 83-55 barring law enforcement from helping federal immigration enforcement,” according to Red State Watcher. This means that in answer to one of the most unspeakable rapes of a minor in recent memory, Maryland is becoming a sanctuary state, thus welcoming more of the same.


The details of the attack on a 14-year-old girl are too brutal to think about.

The state’s lawmakers, actual law breakers who are disobeying Constitutional rule, in reality, will defend this by saying that most illegal’s are not violent. To this, one must say that most rusty nail cuts do not produce lockjaw either,  but how many times do we want to be poked by them? The more of any potential dangers that are allowed into one’s life or country, the more the threat grows for disaster. A beer may lead to a joint, which may lead to a line of cocaine. Most of those who dabble in such things function, but many fall victim to addiction clutches, too. It is best, therefore, to leave such dangers alone. This analogy can be applied to unvetted illegal immigration in every way.

This is not to say that illegals need rounded up and beaten, mistreated, or otherwise abused. Humane deportation or a mandatory citizen test for those allowed to stay must be enforced. This matters because if the government keeps ignoring the peaceful will of the people for border enforcement, then in no time at all vigilante justice will emerge. History is full of foolish vigilante warriors stepping up to replace foolish, tone deaf governments. The outcome is never good.


(part two of the police report of the attack)

The Washington Examiner notes that Republican Gov. Larry Hogan was outraged. He is worried that this move could even protect the 18-year-old who attacked the girl in her school restroom. The Democrats control the House of Delegates in Maryland, and they “voted 83-55 to OK the Maryland Law Enforcement and Trust Act,” according to reports. The law would stop the state from helping the federal government in “seeking illegals, including requests to detain inmates for deportation.

The only silver lining in the cloud is that if a county chooses to enforce the law, they may help the feds. In other words, it is perfectly legal to break the law in Maryland (if this were to pass), but it is also legal to obey the law if one wishes to do so. There are prisons in the state currently housing inmates who would certainly like to have that kind of option applied to their cases and sentences. At what point can the law be broken before action is taken? Trump has already talked about holding federal funding from states that are sanctuary friendly regarding migration.


(part three of the police report of the attack)

The sponsor of the bill, Del. Marice Morales of Montgomery County, had the nerve to call the bill a “compromise” because it allows for the law to be obeyed by some if they choose to. She was also quoted as saying that she was “disappointed” by the addition of the option. CAN THAT EVEN BE IMAGINED? Here we have a LAWMAKER who is feeling “disappointed” that the law can be followed while supporting a proposed law that breaks the Constitution’s mandates. To disobey the founding document without amending it legally is known as criminal activity. It is also known as “sedition” and “treason;” two words that Morales may wish to look up as soon as possible.

Before the people take to the streets with pitchforks or start wondering about the man next door based on his look, perhaps we need to simply take a little more time considering who it is that we are putting into office. Those who were Democrats thirty years ago are finding that their party has betrayed them. They are no longer aligned with a party that allows Linda Sarsour to lead or that permits killing a baby in the third trimester, for instance.


As rapes decline in the country from citizens, it has gone up from those who are not.

Likewise, many libertarians and independents who have shunned the Republican Party due to the likes of the old guard of Bush’s and bankers see a new breed of open thinkers with morals in the GOP. They see people who are obeying the founder’s words, like Justin Amash. This is not the same GOP that cares what two (or more) adults do in their own bedroom, they simply see no reason for it to be paraded in the streets on the taxpayer’s dime, so to speak.

The pendulum of liberty is, if not in the GOP, certainly not anywhere near the DNC.  That means that when we vote, regardless of party, might it not be wise to know the candidate beyond the “R” or “D” by the name? When Independents DO run, should we learn what they are about or just vote for the party that our parents supported 40 years ago?


Maryland is a state working to deny the facts by becoming a sanctuary home for illegals.

As Maryland is seeing, even electing a common sense Governor is no ticket to secure and sound leadership. Ever since Trump rose in popularity, LONG before his victory, an awakening happened in America. Perhaps it was from Ron Paul and the mass amounts of liberty lovers that he had behind him in so many numbers that in 2012 he needed to be cheated to be derailed. Maybe that is only wishful thinking, but we do see the results of this awakening in even opposites like Rand Paul and Donald Trump. Both are members of the GOP and both are smart enough to be opposed to allowing rapists to find sanctuary in the name of political correctness. Maryland is waking up to this fact even as we speak.