Deputy Gets $8000

PUBLISHED: 10:50 PM 17 May 2018

Disgraced Parkland Deputy Collects Over $8000 A Month

His amount has not been altered, even after his disgraceful resignation.

Just recently, Scot Peterson, the disgraced Parkland deputy, officially started receiving roughly $8,000 a month in pension benefits (pictured above).

Earlier this week, Scot Peterson, the deputy who disgracefully retired from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office shortly after it was revealed that he stayed outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida for several minutes while 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz slaughtered 17 helpless people and wounded numerous others, officially started receiving his unaltered lifetime pension benefits. The obscene amount that the former law enforcement official is receiving, however, is both hard to believe and absolutely disgusting considering what transpired.

According to reports, Peterson will now begin receiving a total of about $101,879 every year. This means that each month, the disgraced deputy will be getting paid roughly $8,702, which is utterly outrageous.

Unsurprisingly, the amount of money that Peterson has started receiving left countless people, including several parents whose loved ones were taken away from them on that fateful day, completely furious.

“Those who were responsible for the death of my daughter will be held accountable. So many people failed my daughter and the 16 other victims. One by one I will hold them accountable. Starting with my lawsuit against the coward, Scot Peterson. #FixIt,” tweeted Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter Meadow Pollack during the school shooting.

“This infuriates me in ways people cannot comprehend. My daughter would still be alive if this person did his job,” added Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime Guttenberg was also killed by Cruz.

Unfortunately, though, according to Erin Rock, the secretary for the Florida Department of Management Services, nothing can really be done about the absurd amount Peterson is receiving since neither Broward County State Attorney Michael Satz nor the sheriff’s office in Broward County specified “any charges or other circumstances” that would justify withholding his pension.   

“[Satz] verified that there were no charges filed against Mr. Peterson that would cause him to forfeit those benefits per Florida law,” explained Rock in a statement about the matter.

While Peterson undoubtedly failed to respond to the situation appropriately, the terrible tragedy would have likely never occurred if the school administrators and local police did their job properly.

For example, rather than place Cruz under arrest, the school officials chose to refer him to an Obama-era “alternative discipline program,” known as the “PROMISE” program, that was designed to limit on-campus arrests. Alarmingly, though, Cruz also never even went to the program due to the fact that the school officials completely failed to properly follow up on his progress.

To make matters worse, shortly after the shooting took place, Broward County Superintendent Robert Runcie initially misled the public by insisting that there absolutely was “no connection” between Cruz and the liberal initiative.

Upon being confronted by reporters about his misleading statement, Runcie claimed that he had just been repeating what others had told him.

“I gave people what I had at the time relative to Nikolas Cruz’s involvement in the program,” explained the superintendent.

“I could not tell the media and the public when they asked those questions, ‘You know what? Wait till June when we get our complete investigation done,’ because there’s a level of impatience out there,” he continued.

“I was conveying what information I had received from staff internally, and that’s where we were at that moment in time. There was no intent to mislead the public, but it was a mistake on my part to not qualify it further,” added Runcie, noting, “we are still reviewing records that we have, to make sure, and we may end up changing it again.”

Disturbingly, this wasn’t only time that the superintendent misled reporters about specific details related to the terrible tragedy. In the wake of the shooting, he also falsely stated when Cruz had started as a part-time student and when he transitioned to full-time status, which greatly minimized the amount of time that other students at the school had been at risk.

Similar to his misleading statement about Cruz’s involvement with PROMISE, Runcie also refused to take any responsibility for this false assertion, blaming it on “incorrect information that had been provided to him” instead.  

In addition to misleading the public about important details related to what happened, officials with the Florida school district have also been stonewalling efforts to have more details of the incident released.

Just recently, for example, the Broward School Board appealed an order by Broward Circuit Judge Jeffrey R. Levenson to publicize additional video footage of the tragedy.

In an attempt to justify the appeal, the school officials insisted that making the footage public would likely “expose the limits of the cameras on campus and weaken school security.” On top of that, prosecutors argued that since the video records are currently “the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation,” they’re “exempt from public release.”

Rather than address the fact that the school district clearly failed to take the proper steps to prevent Cruz’s rampage from ever occurring, the authoritarian left has responded to the tragedy by pushing completely misguided legislation restricting the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Following the shooting in Parkland, for instance, Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) introduced a bill, known as “The Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act.” If passed, the legislation that was proposed by the lawmaker would, quite ludicrously, attempt to combat gun violence by raising the federal tax on guns and ammunition.  

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) also took advantage of the awful tragedy by promoting a gun control bill that he co-sponsored with Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) banning roughly 200 rifles while speaking during a “Town Hall” about the shooting that was hosted by CNN.

Without a doubt, the amount of money that Peterson will receive every year for the rest of his life is absolutely ludicrous. It’s important to remember, however, that the horrific incident could have possibly been avoided if school administrators and the local law enforcement properly did their job.