PUBLISHED: 5:41 PM 11 May 2017

Disease Outbreak As Police Voted Out, $5M Now Estimated To Halt Spike Of Refugee Plague

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Minnesota wants taxpayer help out of their refugee crisis.

Another day and another crisis in Minnesota. The most welcoming state in America to refugees is paying a high price for their generosity. Rather,  they want taxpayers to foot the bill for them.

The stories pouring out of Minnesota provide a distinct picture of what appears to be a “perfect storm” crisis getting ready to break loose.

Besides diseases, twisted rituals, and crime, Minnesota has been quietly restructuring. Earlier this week, the city of Forest Lake decided to disband their police department and outsource. The residents are outraged and students at the high school staged a walkout in protest. The state’s overwhelming refugee problem makes this a very awkward, if not dangerous, time to cut back on law enforcement.

Minnesota is also under siege from infectious diseases. Somali parents refuse to vaccinate their children and the results are spreading like wildfire through refugee communities. The count of children with measles, a disease almost nonexistent with safe vaccinating procedures, was up to 50 this week. Most of them are 5-years-old or younger and at least 90% are Somali refugees.

A statement from the Minnesota Health Department Commissioner Dr. Ed Ehlinger is sounding the alarm, not just about measles but tuberculosis, syphilis, and even the Zika virus.

“In recent months, state and local public health officials have had to respond to a series of infectious disease outbreaks including multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, hundreds of new cases of syphilis, and now, the largest measles outbreak the state has faced in nearly 30 years. These outbreaks come on the heels of extensive public health efforts in 2016 for the Zika virus response and in 2014-15 for Ebola preparedness.”

In 2016, reports show 168 cases of active tuberculosis in Minnesota. 90% of those were in foreign-born people. That dwarfs the 67% of foreign-born cases in the U.S. as a whole in the same year.

Many of the refugees are bringing these disease with them. 11 of those 168 cases were diagnosed before entering the United States. They were allowed to enter anyway under Obama’s lax policies and settle in Minnesota.

And now we come to the catch. Minnesota chose to allow these refugees in and now wants the rest of America to pay for it. Just three months after joining the fights against President Trump’s “Muslim” travel ban, the state, represented by Dr. Ehlinger made their plea;

“Minnesotans rightly expect a rapid and effective response to these threats, but current state funds lack the flexibility needed to deal with emergent disease threats. We cannot continue diverting funding and resources away from other vital public health services to respond to disease outbreaks and threats.
With state and local response costs for the first half of 2017 approaching $3 million just for measles, tuberculosis and syphilis, I respectfully request that the legislature create a public health response contingency fund of $5 million to ensure sufficient resources are available for immediate, life-saving actions to protect Minnesotans from infectious disease outbreaks and other unanticipated public health threats.”

None of what is happening in Minnesota should be unanticipated. They made a conscious choice to accept danger. What will happen next remains to be seen.