Taxpayers Say Enough

PUBLISHED: 4:45 PM 2 Apr 2018

DHS Wants To Deny Citizenship To Immigrants On Government Assistance

The Trump administration wants to deny U.S. citizenship to those on government assistance.

The Trump administration wants to deny U.S. citizenship to those dependent on government assistance.

The Department of Homeland Security is pushing a new measure that would deny United States citizenship to immigrants who are heavily dependent on government assistance programs, according to The Washington Post.

Leftists are furious that President Donald Trump’s administration is testing a new public plan to remove immigrants who rely on assistance from the federal government.

According to a draft of the proposal, immigrants who depend on welfare and food stamps won’t be granted U.S. citizenship.

Buzz has mounted around the policy as it is tailored toward Trump’s goal of not accepting immigrants who come to the U.S. and heavily rely on taxpayer-funded programs.

The Post also reported that several immigrants have already dropped out of supplemental programs to avoid their citizenship applications being denied.

Previous administrations only softly penalized immigrants for accepting cash welfare when applying for U.S. citizenship, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and Earned Income Tax Credit.

The new DHS policy, assuming it becomes law, would greatly expand the definition of what makes an immigrant a “public charge.”

Last month, DHS reported it was also looking into a policy that would analyze whether immigrants were predominately using public benefits such as subsidies for health insurance premiums, utility bills, and/or after school programs for young children.

If implemented, the proposal could have a variety of positive impacts on the nation and containing immigration levels in the country.

On one hand, immigrants may begin dropping out of government assistance programs so their citizenship applications aren’t immediately denied.

As such, fewer people would be reliant on taxpayer-funded programs, which would allow more legal Americans to receive the help they desperately need.

On the other hand, it will also play a role in only granting citizenship to immigrants who won’t be heavily dependent on the government for a living.

Trump has also long claimed that he doesn’t want to accept immigrants who will only come to the U.S. solely to enjoy the benefits of government programs.

While the DHS proposal is still in the early stages, it would certainly play a big role in limiting immigration and only accepting those who won’t be reliant on assistance programs.