DHS Sec. Out

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 8 Apr 2019
UPDATED: 4:22 PM 8 Apr 2019

DHS Secretary Resigns: Miller Orchestrated Move As Migrant Invasion Rolls

Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has been accused by ICE officials of “grossly” mismanaging the Department of Homeland Security, and failing to admit the agency has been conducting a widespread catch and release policy.

Nielsen has resigned.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen has resigned her position in the wake of mounting migrant invasion forces. During her tenure, catch and release policies have expanded, creating a crisis.

Yesterday, President Trump announced her departure, and reports claim that Stephen Miller played a central role in her removal.

Breitbart reported:

Nielsen’s resignation as DHS secretary comes amid a surge of illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and an expanded Catch and Release policy that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been tasked with carrying out.

During Nielsen’s tenure as DHS secretary, illegal immigration has increased nearly every month over the last year and a half.

Most recently, officials with the National ICE Council accused Nielsen of “grossly” mismanaging DHS and failing to acknowledge that the agency had been operating an expanded Catch and Release policy for border crossers and illegal aliens for months.

Nielsen previously served in the Bush administration, overseeing crisis efforts required by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At the time, unlimited illegal immigration was approved for the staffing of low-skilled labor positions in rebuilding efforts.

Likewise, Nielsen formerly authored a report that praised the mass migration of Europe, and Breitbart added, “for her confirmation process to DHS, Nielsen worked with an assortment of allies that worked vigorously in the 2016 presidential election to oppose Trump, including Frances Townsend and Tom Ridge.”

According to sources, Stephen Miller was a key part of the events surrounding Nielsen’s departure.

An ‘unnamed’ senior U.S. official told CBS News that Nielsen’s removal was part of a larger effort by Miller to overhaul the agency.

Yet, instead of Ronald Vitiello to lead Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the president surprised Nielsen by naming Kevin McAleenan, the current U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, as her temporary replacement.

The New York Times previously reported that President Trump and Miller would often complain about Nielsen in private. Again ‘unnamed’ sources claimed they blamed her for the crisis at the border and the unchecked invasion.

According to the Washington Post, Miller and ICE union head Chris Crane complained about Vitiello, and the president has expressed his desire for someone ‘tougher’ to take the role.

The Washington Times reported:

A recently released tell-all book about the West Wing said Miller spoke harshly about refugees coming to the U.S. In Team of Vipers, former White House communications aide Cliff Sims quotes Miller as saying, “I would be happy if not a single refugee foot ever again touched American soil.”

Miller also defended Trump’s controversial emergency declaration to divert funds for a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border after Congress declined to appropriate the billions of dollars Trump sought for the project.

The vast majority of American citizens agree.