Russian Probe Ends

PUBLISHED: 10:36 PM 12 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 12:01 AM 13 Mar 2018

Developing Story: House Republicans Finally End Russian Probe

The democrats are saying that key witnesses still need to be interviewed.

President Trump should be pleased with this news.

At least one part of the Russian collusion investigation is coming to an end. Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, led by Devin Nunes are reporting that their probe is finally over after a year. The investigation into President Trump’s campaign has yielded nothing

Naturally, Democrats are protesting. They claim there are key documents and testimony that has not been obtained.

The GOP members will produce their final report. The conclusion is expected to be what many have realized for a long time, there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians who interfered in the election.

Democrats will produce their own report with the exact opposite conclusion.

The committee has been plagued by this type of bipartisanship all along.

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated in a recent statement;

“At the outset of the Russia probe, both parties committed to a thorough investigation that would follow the facts wherever they lead.”

Schiff contends that Republicans have declined to subpoena witnesses after they failed to answer questions in their voluntary testimony. Among those are Donald Trump Jr., Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Trump Organization attorney Michael Cohen, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and former White House communications director Hope Hicks.

Representative Mike Conaway led the investigation for Republicans. He revealed that the panel conducted 73 interviews, nine hearings and briefings, and reviewed over 300,000 documents. He stated that despite the democrat objections;

“We are confident that we have thoroughly investigated the agreed-upon parameters, and developed reliable initial findings and recommendations.”

The republicans found no collusion but that does not mean that there was no Russian interference.

An outline of their report states that Russians engaged in cyber attacks on political institutions between 2015-16. They also found that social media was used by the country to cause problems in America.

The committee also cites a “lackluster” pre-election response by the U.S. government. Could that be because the politicians in charge at that time were already planning the collusion angle?

Conaway stated that they would now move on;

“We will now be moving into the next phase of this investigation, working with the minority on a report to give the American people answers to the questions they’ve been asking for over a year.

With the 2018 primary elections already underway and just 238 days until the mid-term elections in November, it’s important that we give the American people the information they need to arm themselves against Russian attempts to influence our elections.”