PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM 19 Jan 2018

Detroit Meteor Footage Sparks Conspiracy Theories, Media “Fire” Story Adds Fuel And Connection


Residents near the incident in Michigan were worried and concerned as what appeared to be a beam of light descended through the clouds to create a wonderous display.

Residents near the incident in Michigan were worried and concerned as what appeared to be a beam of light descended through the clouds to create a wondrous display.

The world is subject to some extremely surreal and unbelievable events at times. Such events range from witnessing the sheer power of natural disasters like volcanoes or earthquakes, but others take the form of more questionable scenarios. Despite authorities trying to keep people calm, a massive beam of light was seen in Michigan just a few nights ago that look like something out of science fiction.

Unsurprisingly, the authorities in the area were quick to stop public concern and released a bland statement that does not add up to eyewitness accounts. Supposed “experts” are simply calling it a meteor but the pictures produced by several witnesses as well as videos are offering evidence that does not point towards a simple meteor explanation. Even the media’s explanation of a fire was hard to believe.

It was a beautiful display that showed a round ball of light falling towards the earth and then ultimately disappearing entirely. The pictures and videos from the event show what looks like a tractor beam used in science fiction to suck victims up into the ship. The videos show the ball of light just vanishing from the sky, a normal outcome for small meteors but the size of the ball of light does not put this object as a meteor.

This beam of light came from the clouds and started fires and earthquakes. Government agencies and media companies were quick to call it a meteor but this looks bizarre, to say the least.

The pictures provided by amateur eyewitnesses, thank God for the internet, are showing a bizarre scene involving ground fires, earthquakes, and panic from the public. However, the government and mainstream news agencies are downplaying the event entirely even though the evidence is worth reconsidering. Now, this is not to say that there’s some grand conspiracy but intellectually active citizens should be constantly questioning regardless of what the government says, besides their next action completely contradicted their official story.

They placed the Air Force on high alert due to what they are stating is only a meteor. Falling rocks from space strike the earth thousands of times every night but this one caused the Air Force to go on high alert? Even the media’s stories are beginning to crumble as the signs of the fires and 2.0 earthquake were just being reported as a car fire. A car fire does not light up the horizon in a blaze of light, what do they know and why can the public not know?

Needless to say, it is extremely concerning to be kept in the dark about an event as potentially catastrophic as this. A literal beam of light descended from the sky and below it fires and earthquakes and yet the government just says meteor and everyone is supposed to ignore the photographs and evidence? As those affected by the phenomenon are likely to never forget it, the propaganda artists in the mainstream media cannot wait for the rest of the world to ignore it.

Images like these were put on the internet and were quick to cause many to wonder what this bizarre phenomenon was. The official story alongside these photographs raises questions, to say the least.

The mind goes to extreme places when trying to decide for one’s self what these images could represent. The meteor story is comforting as it does not warrant concern and people can just forget about it, the science fiction or global war narratives do not paint such a nice picture. If this was technology from our world or another, then nuclear missiles might be the least of the world’s worries if technology like this becomes available.

However, one simply has to think for themselves and let their hearts find the truth they seek. If one wants to believe in alien life away from our planet then this might support that. If one cannot accept the concept of life from a different world then the meteor narrative plays into that and one can find comfort in shaking off the bizarre phenomenon.

Concerned citizens rushed outside to see for themselves what was causing the commotion. Some media outlets were trying to paint this as a car fire but that fiery horizon says something different.

Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.