PUBLISHED: 6:00 PM 21 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 4:21 PM 3 Jul 2017

Detroit Hosts Nation Of Islam Gathering


Detroit is packing the halls with people chanting the words that ISIS would happily use before they behead every member in the crowd.

Louis Farrakhan is a very frightening, harmful man. While appearing half-sane on the Alex Jones Show when he called for more unity and spoke with a bit of fair-minded dignity about Donald Trump, this changed when just over a month ago he said that the president was Gods way of bringing about a war so that mankind could rebuild….to paraphrase lunacy. Farrakhan has called the Iran deal a “win” for Obama, another rather unsettling fact about the man, to say the least. He seems to think that Iran constructing a power plant on an active plate tectonic line and promising to bomb America was something of a victory.

All of this and more (such as Calypso Louie claiming to have boarded a “mother plane in space“) is quite disturbing, but what is outright mortifying is that this Nation of Islam leader (in the lineage of Malcolm X) boasts between 20,000 to 50,000 people, as of 2007, as “core” members and followers. While this is not a terribly large number, we must remember that Americans have allowed our Christian churches to remain very hollow as of late. Beyond even that, Farrakhan has likely a few MILLION more followers (he started the “Million Man March decades ago) who are drawn to him because he “stands up for the black man.” Most of those that follow him are blind to the fact that endorsing Iranian death threats and promised rockets and/or terror is not the standard way to define “sticking up for” anyone.


The Nation of Islam leader has been known to say the most hateful words ever uttered from a podium, and yet the left gives him a pass.

To be fair, the Nation of Islam has, while clearly Muslim, not been tied to any large degree to sharia or terrorism in the United States. This reality is changing and, perhaps due to their history of not being terrorist minded, FAR too many people are not seeing it (NOTE – acts of violence have been found sometimes within the Nation of Islam, but it is not endorsed formally and is not based in terror but politics, to be clear). This is likely because the Democrats, in the name of “tolerance,” have opened the podium to speakers who are preaching sharia hatred and “intolerance.” Regardless, now it NEEDS TO BE KNOWN that cries of “Allahu Akbar” were heard as Louis Farrakhan walked out to speak.

Now some will argue that since they are Islamic, would not they say, “Allahu Akbar” as part of standard practice? The answer to this is that they have not in times past commonly  – if ever – used the term. The words, which mean “God is Great” – with “God” being defined to them as “Allah” – has become the chant heard before plane attacks, terrorism, beheadings, drownings, and more by members of sharia-based terror groups of which the Nation of Islam has in the past shunned. Therefore, to use the term in modern times is like using a swastika now in 2017 to mean only a “lucky, self-existing object of good fortune“, which is what it meant before Hitler defiled it. Sometimes the meaning of things change over time, just ask any straight man from the “gay 1920’s.”


The very words “God is great” (translated) that are used before innocents are beheaded as guilty before Allah were used to usher in Louis Farrakhan. Let that sink in…

This is not just a matter of a term changing, however. This is a purposeful deed done by the Sarsour wing of the Democrat Party and Black Lives Matter activism showing again that they have more passion than common sense. Radical Islam has promised in their own words and by their own pledges to their God to destroy and kill this way. The news is ripe with the information, but therein lies the terrible problem, for the very powers that are infiltrating us can do so only because of how very far as a nation America has plummeted. Chris Brown and reality TV have now overtaken any interest in world affairs, so the world moves onward with motives of evil that will succeed unless halted. The Nation of Islam, to this end, is helping pure evil.

In a speech that Farrakhan would have found hateful if used against blacks or Islamists (which it would have been), since a double standard is the hallmark of such movements, the Jews were attacked, yet again by the group as he spoke. He said, “I want to disabuse the Jews today of the false claim that you are the chosen of God — that Israel or Palestine belongs to you.” He then added with no remorse, ““I want to disabuse you of that. I’m going to tell you about your future. You that think you have[sic] power to frighten and dominate the peoples of the world. I’m here to announce the end of your time,” as he struck the podium. The question is, who in the seven hells of Dante is he to “disabuse” anyone of anything? Who is he that we must respect his word as some great prophet?


Louis Farrakhan has long sided with Iran over America.

A man of God or Allah does not accuse Israel, who DOES have some HATEFUL Zionists who MUST go, of “frightening and dominating” people when it is Israel that sees bombings and rocket attacks on places where innocents and children gather. A “holy man” also does not divide the races by blaming “white men” for the problems of the world as he does, either.

For 6,000 years,” declared this divisive man, “the people of the earth have suffered under a mischief-making rule. Bloodshed and war, hatred and strife, all [sic] because a man with a new color — or the lack thereof — thought that he was better than all of those who inhabited the earth before he was even a thought.” In his world, the problems of blacks in America have nothing to do with life choices and everything to do with race. Meanwhile, nations like Iran support terrorism that has killed more innocent blacks than the KKK has in the last 50 years all OVER Africa and he says nay a word. It seems that Arabs senselessly abusing and killing blacks is fine, as long as the white man is blamed.


The terrorists in Hezbollah praise Farrakhan for his “work.”

Before closing with calls to talk over coffee with Obama about fixing Chicago (laughable), Farrakhan said, “But I am here to announce today the end of his world and the beginning of a brand new reality that all human beings will enjoy peace, freedom justice and equality under the rule of Allah,” which if it were to happen would be the first time in recent memory that anything that had the name Allah attached to it produced anything even resembling peace. So far, Louie, all that we are seeing is death, all that we are learning is hateful, and all that we are hearing is your division.