Anti- Riot Law

PUBLISHED: 2:41 PM 20 Apr 2021

DeSantis Signs Anti-Riot Law, Criminalizing “Mob Intimidation” While protecting Drivers Who Hit Criminals

It is already against the law to unlawfully assemble in roads and violate the constitutional rights of others by blocking them from free movement, but in 2021 America where criminals rule, it has become necessary to add new provisions.

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Governor Ron DeSantis is working to keep Florida a free state that protects liberty. His latest move enhances the criminal penalties for mobs, and protects drivers whose constitutional rights are infringed by rioters blocking roads.

The Conservative Treehouse reported:

Earlier Monday Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed HB1, a new bill from the Florida legislature that establishes new criminal definitions under the anti-riot law.  The House and Senate worked on the legislation for a year after Governor Ron DeSantis led the initial effort.

[HB1] “defines a “riot” as a public disturbance involving three or more people “acting with the common intent to assist each other in violent and disorderly conduct” that results in injury to another person, damage to property, or danger of injury or damage.

The law grants civil immunity to people who drive into protesters who are blocking a road, prevents people accused of rioting from bailing out of jail until after their first court appearance, and increases penalties for assaulting law-enforcement officers while engaging in a “riot.”  It also penalizes local governments that interfere with efforts to stop a riot and allows law-enforcement agencies that face funding reductions to file objections.” (link)

The anti-riot law titled “Combating Public Disorder,” creates a new crime of “mob intimidation,” enhance penalties for riot-related looting and violence and create an affirmative defense for individuals who injure or kill violent protesters.  Polk County Sheriff Grady Judge spoke at the signing.