Mad Scientist Playing God

PUBLISHED: 5:30 PM 26 Oct 2021

DeSantis Delivers Epic Smack Down Against ‘Mad Scientist Playing God’ Fauci

Remember, this evil, tourture-happy, genocide-bent ‘doctor’ is the one determined to kill your kids with the Vaccine.

Boom! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Anthony Fauci is more than a mad scientist playing God, many people argue. He’s an evil, crooked reprobate bent on orchestrating mass genocide by injecting people with a vaccine that delivers messages of death to every cell in your body… all under the guise of ‘stopping’ a pandemic that has a 99.9 percent chance of survival. Oh yeah… and there’s also plenty of medicines that cure it. But, it hasn’t been until evidence showed the evil torture Fauci funded on beagle puppies that his true thirst for grotesque pain infliction has been exposed. Governor Ron DeSantis called him out.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Earlier today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivered remarks on the Florida economy and took questions from the media.  The press conference was held in North Venice, Florida, with Department of Transportation Secretary Kevin Thibault and VISIT Florida President & CEO Dana Young to highlight job growth and the expanding economy.

During the press questioning, the Florida governor was asked about his state’s response to COVID-19 and criticism from the Joe Biden administration.  DeSantis took the opportunity to point out how political the National Institute of Health has become, and also noted the disgusting research funded by taxpayer money.

…”You cannot have mad scientists running around playing God like this … including cruel experiments on puppies”…