DeSantis Blasts Liars

PUBLISHED: 3:29 PM 30 Nov 2021

DeSantis Blasts Lying Media, Explains Lockdowns Not An Option Regardless of the Variant They Come Up With

Ron DeSantis is one of the lone governor’s in America actually fighting the leftist push into slavery.

Good. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In Florida, they have the lowest COVID rate in the nation… without vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and draconian slaves systems, and now the governor has declared the removing people’s freedoms, regardless of whatever new ‘variant’ the globalist murderers have planned, is not an option.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responded to the remarks from Dr. Anthony Fauci yesterday and from Joe Biden earlier today about the new Omicron variant of COVID and the possibility of lockdowns.

The Governor was very specific and clear about no lockdowns when he spoke today at an event to celebrate increased salaries and bonuses for law enforcement officers in the state.  Florida will continue to emphasize prevention, optional vaccinations, therapeutics and quick responsive treatment – with accessible monoclonal antibody treatments – as the state COVID mitigation protocol.

So far, the approach by Florida Governor DeSantis has been effective as the state now holds one of the lowest COVID infection rates in the nation, yet the state is wide open and free from any mandates or restrictions.  If people want to live in fear, they can go live somewhere else.