DeSantis Bonuses

PUBLISHED: 7:12 PM 6 May 2021

DeSantis Acting for America: Announces Police and First Responder Bonuses

Rather than toe the Chinese communist line, DeSantis is moving his state away from the push of slavery.

Good! (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Instead of defunding and abolishing police in Florida, Ron DeSantis is doing the opposite, giving them bonuses.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

As many local and state governments’ debate the Marxist request to defund the police department, at least one governor goes in the exact opposite direction. Today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced:

“I will sign into law $1,000 bonuses for every sworn law enforcement officer, every EMT, every firefighter and every paramedic in the state of Florida”.

“The difference between argument and action is belief in your own intentions.” ~John Hayward