Man Goes Up In Flames

PUBLISHED: 3:14 PM 30 May 2019
UPDATED: 6:06 PM 2 Jun 2019

Deranged Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside White House

These are the sorts of people who think they are on the side of right? This man’s motive is unknown, but you have to be some sort of mentally deranged idiot to do something like this.

It is fanatic idiots like this who also kill innocent people... at least he only scarred himself.

Yesterday, a man riding an electric wheelchair-type scooter set himself on fire in a park outside the White House.

The emergency response was massive, but no motive has been reported by Fox News.

The Secret Service tweeted the incident happened around 12:20 p.m. on The Ellipse, near 15th Street and Constitution Avenue south of the White House.

“At approximately 12:20 p.m. a man lit himself on fire on the Ellipse near 15th and Constitution Ave., Secret Service personnel are on scene assisting @NatlParkService and @usparkpolicepio in rendering first aid,” the agency wrote.

A man who said his daughter witnessed the incident said the person had been running through the park before setting himself ablaze.

“Police and rescue have responded,” Krisjan Berzins tweeted. “They’re closing all surrounding streets right now.”

Berzins also posted a video, which showed a person engulfed in flames.


“Video of the person that was literally engulfed in flames on the #WhiteHouse lawn,” Berzins wrote. “Unbelievable.”

The Secret Service said in a statement the unidentified man was being transported to a local hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

A similar incident happened last month when another man set himself ablaze while positioned along the White House’s North Fence Line.

The suspect was “operating an electric wheelchair-type scooter” when officials say he set his outer jacket on fire, the Secret Service said at the time.

Many people argue that this sort of demented ‘statement’ is indicative of the liberal mindset in the United States.

Somehow, these sorts of people think their ideas are right and good, while the system that has secured liberty for two centuries (which they want to destroy) is somehow evil.

If it weren’t so serious, it would be amusing. But the fact that these voices are the loudest (just like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s) should horrify every thinking person in the nation.