Memo Moves To Next Victim

PUBLISHED: 7:17 PM 30 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 3:50 AM 1 Feb 2018

Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Could Be Next Victim Of Infamous Memo

This memo is draining the swamp faster than Trump can.

Deputy Attorney General exposed in Obama's abuse of power scheme by secret memo.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has come under intense scrutiny. The person the FBI reports to, the deputy attorney general is one of the most powerful people in the Department of Justice (DOJ) and critics suggest he could be the next victim of the infamous memo.

Rosenstein may be headed for the chopping block. Following the removal of deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe, the Department of Justice has been scrambling to perform damage control.

At the end of last week, names in the mysterious FISA memo bubbled to the surface. Andrew McCabe was named in the report. Text messages from federal agent Peter Strzok indicate the senior official was actively working to undermine the values of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

Being accused of shutting down an investigation into Hillary Clinton, McCabe has been removed from his position at the FBI. Director Christopher Wray admitted the details within the memo were alarming and a reason for McCabe to part with the agency.

Their boss, Rod Rosenstein has also been named by the same memo. For his actions in abusing the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act (FISA), many legislatures are condemning the deputy attorney general.

The House Intelligence Committee has voted to release a memo that describes how the Obama administration weaponized the Department of Justice. The hold-overs and appointed administration continued to attack the president and his campaign.

Rosenstein approved an order extending the surveillance of Carter Page, a former campaign advisor. Accused of associating with Russians, Page had a warrant signed against him under Obama and it was continued, unknowingly, under President Trump.

The deputy attorney general continued the program to spy on a former Trump campaign member based on the information within the now debunked Steele Dossier. After the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Rosenstein took charge of the investigation into Russian collusion last spring.  

The Russian collusion hoax is based entirely on the dossier first reported by BuzzFeed. The document created and used by a current administration, as an insurance policy, to destroy a political opponent.

Abusing the law which entitles the monitoring of foreign nationals, the government took advantage of their political might and spied on American civilians. In a complete authoritarian move, the democratic party and their operatives tried to seize control of the government from the elected president.

Such treasonous revelations made an uproar in Washington. After the Department of Justice put out a statement disavowing the memo and demanding to halt its release, Director Wray approached Congress and asked to view the memo.

Twelve hours after the director viewed the memo, reports about the departure of McCabe hit the newsstands. McCabe, or Andy as his secret society friends call him, helped to get Hillary Clinton off the hook and conspired to overthrow the government.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Clinton machine and surrogate super PACs gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to the political campaign of McCabe’s wife.  Being her spouse, he campaigned with his wife, a Federal Election Committee (FEC) violation.

While he was campaigning on the taxpayer dollar, he was also heading the investigation into the former Secretary of State. After his wife received the considerable contributions, evidence shows the deputy director used his position to silence further inquiry into the case.

Going so far as to help draft the statement made by his boss, James Comey exonerated Hillary. The statement was written before the agency had interviewed the former first lady. Comey gave the former Senator a free pass for her criminal mishandling of classified information.

Reviled by everyone, republicans and democrats alike called for the dismissal of then director Comey. Accountable for the bureau, Rosenstein wrote a declaration vilifying Comey and his actions. Recommending he be fired, Attorney General Sessions signed off on the recommendation and gave it to the president.

Once signed by the president, the media flew into a frenzy over what was being called an obstruction of justice. Rosenstein gave no argument against the formation of an investigation into why the president fired Comey.

The memo will prove one of the most powerful officials in the government is currently working to undermine the people. With the imminent release of the FISA memo and the firing of a trusted underling, will Rosenstein be the next person to retire from his position?