PUBLISHED: 8:10 PM 16 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 9:43 PM 16 Jan 2018

‘Deplorable Vet’ Takes On “Racist” Claim As Tweet Goes Viral In Hours, Democrat Humiliated

Sam Di Gangi by

Waters (pictured) has found that others are more than happy to take her seat if she wishes not to use it.

Waters (pictured) has found that others are more than happy to take her seat if she wishes not to use it.

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA), often called the “Poverty Pimp” due to her pandering to the poor (who she nor her party ever manage to help), hardly even shows up to do her job, as Teddy Stick has shown. Most recently, this California leftist has said that she won’t be attending President Donald Trump’s “State of the Union” address, an honor for most.

However, it is her right to not show up if that makes her feel like she is accomplishing something (since her record doesn’t). Just the same, AOL News is reporting that a “medically retired U.S. Army veteran who served for 10 years and two tours in Afghanistan” saw the tweet from Waters announcing her intention to decline and responded “by offering to fill her seat.”

Considering the way that Mr. Trump sat former President Bill Clinton’s alleged victims in front of “Crooked” Hillary during the debates, many think that the White House will allow it, too.

Twitter user Deplorable Vet tweeted, “@FoxNews Everyone please help and retweet. I would like to take Maxine Waters seats at The State Of The Union Address. If they don’t want to go this Military Veteran would gladly go. I’d tell the President how much he means to myself, family, Military, and all of his supporters!” to Fox News, a fact that the station has highlighted.

Over 1,000 retweets have happened and, after this exposure, it can be imagined that many thousands more are happening even as this is read.

Waters has falsely said that Mr. Trump is a racist and that he did not “deserve her attention.”

The spiteful Democrat also said, “Oh no, I didn’t go to the inauguration. I didn’t go to the joint session that was held after that–I don’t intend to go to this one. Why would I take my time to go and listen to a liar? To someone who lies in the face of facts?”

Mr. Trump may have someone ready to fill in for Waters.

Like most of the anti-Trump crowd, she is rather mum on what those lies are supposed to be, choosing instead to put such comments out there as if they were obvious facts when they are anything but.

Still, she asked, “What does he have to say that I would be interested in?

Perhaps one Deplorable Vet will be able to answer that question for her, firsthand even.

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