PUBLISHED: 9:22 PM 6 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 12:19 AM 8 Sep 2016

Department Of Justice Prosecutor Paid Off By Obama Donation

Justice Official Paid Not To Ask Hillary Real Questions

Justice Official Paid Not To Ask Hillary Real Questions

Justice Official Paid Not To Ask Hillary Real Question

A brand new report has come out indicating that the Justice Department officials who interviewed Hillary Clinton in July as part of the government’s investigation into her email practices has contributed to President Obama’s presidential campaigns, The Daily Caller can reveal.

The donor, David H. Laufman, is listed several times throughout various documents during the investigation of Hillary’s mishandling of top secret material. On the notes taken from Clinton’s July 2 interview, his name appears more than a dozen times, and it appears he did not take the questioning serious at all. The White House, Justice Department, and FBI  want you to believe they conducted an independent and fair investigation, yet hundreds of people are rotting in a jail cell for committing one tenth of the crimes Hillary has committed.

Federal Election Commission records show that Laufman has at least some political leanings. He has contributed $850 to Obama’s two presidential campaigns. He gave $300 directly to the campaign on April 22, 2012 and another $300 to the Obama Victory Fund on the same day. In January 2008, he contributed $250 to Obama’s campaign. Notably, he has contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaigns. That’s right, the man tasked with questioning Hillary for treason is a supporter of her and has donated to her campaign. Still think they’re playing fair? Think again.


FBI Memo Showing That Laufman’s Name Is All Over FBI Notes

Three days after Laufman and other federal officials interviewed Clinton, FBI Director James Comey held a press conference where he told the world that he was giving Hillary Clinton a pass, and would not be charging her nor recommending any charges be brought against her for mishandling classified information. Comey said that while Clinton’s email practices were “extremely careless,” he would not recommend charges because no “reasonable” federal prosecutor would pursue a case based on the evidence collected during the investigation.

And just a few days after that, Attorney General Loretta Lynch accepted Comey’s recommendation. Surprise! The decision not to charge Clinton in the case has proven to America that Donald Trump has been right about the rigged and crooked system. Now we see that one of the lead investigators has donated to Hillary’s campaign and supporters her? In what world is that fair an impartial? The evidence clearly shows that Clinton violated federal law by sending, receiving, and maintaining classified material on her email server.

Rep. Trey Gowdy went on to add: “I didn’t see any questions about intent,” Gowdy said last month after reviewing the notes from Clinton’s interview. The FBI does not have a full transcript of the Clinton session because it didn’t record the interview or make Hillary swear under oath. It was a normal conversion, just like they treat all criminals, of course. Laufman’s full role in the investigation and interview is not entirely clear. The Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment and more information. A Politico article published in April speculated that he was overseeing the investigation as chief of the DOJ’s counterespionage unit.

They Are All In This Together! We Have To Defeat This Corruption

They Are All In This Together! We Have To Defeat This Corruption

Administration has claimed investigation is nonpartisan, apolitical

The Obama administration has faced questions over the integrity of the government’s handling of the investigation. And its case has not been helped by Obama’s comments on the matter or by a controversial meeting Lynch had with Bill Clinton just days before Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview.

In a “60 Minutes” interview last October, Obama said that he didn’t think Clinton’s email setup “posed a national security problem.” The comments were reportedly criticized by sources in the FBI who lamented that Obama appeared to put his finger on the scales of justice to save Hillary Clinton. Remember when Lynch met Bill Clinton on the tarmac and spoke privately for 30 minutes and they said it was about grand kids, but then less than a week later Hillary got off with no charges? Think that was just a coincidence?

Everyone Knows She Is Being Protected By Obama's Admin, She Deserves A Jail Cell

Everyone Knows She Is Being Protected By Obama’s Admin, She Deserves A Jail Cell

Barack Obama and his cronies have the same mindset in their tactical approach, philosophy, and lust for power that dictators across the globe have portrayed.  To the American people, it is far beyond time to wake up to who this man in the White House is and what his ambitions are. While his time is up, Hillary will be an even worse version of him. As for the Republicans in the Congress or running for office, the task is upon your shoulders to stop Hillary Clinton in her tracks before she gets any closer to the highest office in this world.

t is time to do your sworn duty to preserve and protect the country. And for the Democrats who are so blinded by party loyalty that they would sell their country for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver, the long-term difficulties and potential downfall of the greatest nation on earth will be your legacy. We need every single person to expose this corrupt administration and Hillary Clinton because if we don’t, she will never be held accountable for her actions again.

We need you. We all need to save this country. Do your part, share this message, and let’s unite together as one!