Amber Alert Bug

PUBLISHED: 9:42 PM 19 Apr 2018

Department Of Justice Amber Alter Site Redirects Users To Adult Content

They are running a script from nearly 25 years ago, which has made the site susceptible to easy hacks.

Redirects are leading to XXX pages as lost children are being sought.

WARNING: This article contains language which some users may find highly offensive. 

Gizmodo reports the Amber Alert system is “run by the US Justice Department and used to gather information about missing and abducted children.” Therefore, many users were both sickened and confused to find that the noble page was “redirecting visitors to porn sites” with some very racy names.

Schoolgirl Porn” and “ungrateful huge boobs Indian wife being a sl*t” saw an uptick in internet traffic since a “redirect bug on the allows anyone to create backlinks on the DOJ-run site.” Some “porn bots” have taken this feature and used it in ways that were not planned on.

At least 6 sites are said to be “manipulating” the DOJ’s website along with other pages. This is done in order to boost their Google ratings and to rank higher on search engines.

An “unvalidated redirect page” can be created (though this may change in light of this) this features the “DOJ and Amber Alert logos” which sends users to other pages.

Porn bots are programs that are meant to locate these flaws and to use them to the advantage of page owners.

This is like the 1990s called and wants its vulnerable redirect script back,” stated Adriel Desautels, the founder of Netragard. This is a “penetration testing firm” that is observant of major problems in cyberspace.

The Department of Justice’s website is not in danger, but those directed to other nefarious sites could find that their computers are put at risk.

Anyone can use this page to redirect someone to another potentially malicious site,” noted Desautels. “For example, this could be used to redirect an unsuspecting victim to a site that deploys malware. It doesn’t really put the DOJ at risk, but it puts people on the internet at risk and oddly seems to be helping the porn industry.”

Research has also found that “ and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration” have redirects that go to pages that flaunt bestiality!

It is thought that Amber Alert redirects have been fixed as this article goes to print, but the larger issue still looms. While it may be funny to some, the fact that many of these government pages are as secure as a paper bag in a flood shows that it is no laughing matter.