PUBLISHED: 7:14 PM 11 Jan 2017

Denzel Goes OFF On Democrat Reporter, Drops Bombshell To Leave Entire News Cast Speechless


Denzel Washington puts film making into perspective.

Shortly after America was disappointed by the fact that Rosie O’Donnell really didn’t leave the country as promised (taking Whoopi with her), America was also let down by many other’s in the entertainment community who just didn’t seem to get it. We have Leonardo DiCaprio jetting-setting around the globe to talk about how jet-setting hurts the planet, the Nation of Islam’s leader calling Trump Gods plan for world destruction, and a countless number of equally ridiculous statements being said daily.

One of the people in the entertainment world that can (often) get it right is Denzel Washington, it seems. In a world that sees every release by every celebrity as something equal to that of man landing upon the moon, Washington has observed that making a movie isn’t like going to Iraq. He went further to say, “People talk about the difficulty of making a movie and I’m like, send your son to Iraq, that’s difficult. It’s just a movie” while talking to Hollywood Reporter.


Compared to the horrors seen in Iraq, few things such as acting can be considered, “hard”.

He also says that making a movie is not hard, in the way that sending “your son to Iraq” is. While also adding that he does not “play that precious nonsense” when addressing how pretentious some actors can be when talking about the art of film-making. “Your son got shot in the face? That’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury. It’s a gift. But don’t get it twisted, it’s just a movie”, says Denzel.

That kind of world view and perspective is something that many in Hollywood would do well to heed. It is not hard to be acknowledged as one of the best nor to be called upon to make a movie when the talent is possessed. What is hard is being talented enough to make a movie and NOT being acknowledged enough to be permitted to shine. Most “stars” get it backwards when talking about the honor that they have bestowed upon them by their fans. Washington seems to get the point.

On a much deeper level, imagine the question if properly aligned to the framing that Denzel has put forth. Is it hard to make a movie where one sits (even on a cumbersome day) in a chair while two hours of make-up gets applied for a two minute scene? If so, then how much harder is it to be unable to walk or to have to eat from a tube for the rest of one’s life due to having the lower jaw shot off with a sniper rifle? When the question is presented with that in mind, the reason for Washington’s answer becomes quite clear.


Denzel Washington’s statements may do a lot to help others reflect on what is really noble in this world.

This is not to imply that everything in life that is done needs to be compared to how bad someone else has it. Everyone knows that when depressed, the most UN-comforting thing that can be said is, “others starving in China have it worse than you.” To downplay one’s sorrow or achievements just because the world has produced terrors upon others is not what Washington is promoting. Rather, he is saying that while such achievements as his should be respected, it does not have to be looked upon with the almost religious reverence what the (particularly) American public heaps upon the talent.

Denzel will likely do a lot in this statement to give pause to others who are caught up in celebrity worship, at least to those who are still able to be reached. Already we are seeing many in Hollywood openly being disgusted by what many in the chic liberal Hollywood “holier than thou” circle are saying. Scott Baio has recently come out as refusing to truncate his views for the good of even his own career. If he were liberal, that would be called “noble”. Then again, if he were liberal, he would not be in hot water to start with.

Likewise, Vince Vaughn was spotted recently in the crowd looking appalled as Meryl Streep made a fool out herself by spouting lies about Trump purposefully mocking a disabled man. The band Megadeth is nominated for a Grammy for the music masterpiece, “Dystopia,” proving that not all right minded thinkers are kept away from the art that they love.

Ted Nugent has come out in favor of gun laws and Constitutional principles, Testament just made a CD that dares to mention the name of Christ (such hate), and Rob Halford of Judas Prest if both openly gay and Christian. If enough of those who share similar beliefs all stand up at the same time, while not all will agree on each issue or candidate, much good can come out people committed to goodness.

Not confusing talent with being a hero shows that Denzel possesses insight not common in Hollywood.

If not, then the outcome is going to be that everyone who does not worship at the church of liberal outlooks is going to be banned from being heard or from being able to create art at all. When it comes to heroin use, sexual deviance, domestic violence, tax evasion, or any other “impurity,” the left can overlook it. If however, one is conservative or libertarian in nature, then the only thing available for such a person to star in within Hollywood is their own public execution. That is not to imply that all “sins” need to be career-enders, only that the left has more double standards than can be counted on a quantum computer.

So yes, may God bless you, Mr. Denzel Washington. Thanks needs to be given to those who see the world as at it really is. Making a great movie may be hard for those that have no acting skill, but for those of Washington’s status and skill set have a far easier time. Even if someone had the talent of a bowl of porage, acting still would be easier than going to Iraq and being hit with an IED and losing a leg. Some of our boys and girls come home having to be fed by tubes and relieved in bag attached to their stomachs, so by comparison, making a movie is pretty damned easy.

This is hopefully a sign that Hollywood’s sane are beginning to speak up. Even some of the more liberal crowd is awakening. While Bernie Sanders would have done nothing but bankrupt the nation, at least the left saw through Hilary enough to prevent them siding with evil in large enough numbers to best Trump.

Along with the honest insights of Denzel Washington on this matter, we can be thankful for that, if nothing else.