PUBLISHED: 8:37 PM 2 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 10:24 PM 2 Feb 2017

Dems Using The Bible To Fuel Riots…But Make Twist To Jesus Birth Story, Rioters Join Unknowingly


Al Sharpton is race baiting again

When Santayana said that those who did not learn history were doomed to repeat it, it’s clear that that the only thing more troublesome is someone who learns history incorrectly. This is a lesson that the gaff prone Rev. Al Sharpton is learning on a now-regular basis, and he seems to have done it yet again.

While making a fool of himself on Twitter he wrote, “Before you head to church today, remember to thank God for his son, Jesus a refugee who fled to Egypt.” The reason that this is so side-splitting is because it was the overreach of the ancient government that forced Mary and Joseph to register for ever increasing taxes.

By using this as an analogy, the Reverend is only proving that the kind of big government that he supports lead to the worst of scenarios for the unborn Jesus Christ to whom he claims to worship! Mother Mary would never have been put into such a situation if an evil government was not gouging the people for taxes and making pregnant women traverse half the Middle East to cater to them.

Syrian refugees wait on the Syrian side of the border near Sanliurfa, Turkey, June 10. Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Committee on Migration, says the United States should welcome Syrian refugees and work for peace. (CNS photo/Sedat/Suna, EPA) See ELIZONDO-REFUGEES Nov. 17, 2015.

America is not turning a blind to those in need, agreeing to take in 50,000 refugees.

Once done, like the refugee crisis that we now see, what was the poor innkeeper to do? Throw people out who paid already? It was not the innkeeper’s fault that the government created a rush to which the ancient world did have the infrastructure to support any more than it would be the local motel’s fault if the Olympics were held in a small village today. Much like America and the European Union, the system can only take on so much before, to use Sharpton’s reference, before the inn simply falls down due to taking in too many people.

Mary needed privacy to have a child, so double rooms or the lobby was not an option. A stable was all that the innkeeper likely had. The fault was in government more than it was the innkeeper who was likely exhausted, put out, and burdened.

Another glaring problem is that Al Sharpton himself has a questionable past when it comes to paying taxes. This was seen in the many messages that Twitter users left in reply to Sharpton’s inaccurate statement about the Bible. This response likely meant very little to Sharpton who also said, “I worship a refugee,” as well as, “We may have lost the election, but we didn’t lose our minds.” He seems blind to the fact that the holy family were in no way refugees since they had no intention of staying.


Trump has long warned that the refugee crisis could be a Trojan Horse if the U.S.A. is not careful.

The fact of the matter is that it is Sharpton who is misapplying history here. For starters, the left only uses the Bible when it plans to misquote and misapply it’s message, even supposed Christian leftists like Sharpton. Secondly, while warfare was common in the days of Christ’s birth, there is no sign that Joseph or Mary ever fled their nation like we are seeing in Syria and the Middle East today.

Finally, as for vetting, ancient times saw soldiers on the roads and byways because the idea of posse comitatus ( the practice of not allowing the military to be police) did not exist. That means that there was no risk of terror as we see Trump combating with his travel ban because EVERYONE got vetted non-stop and at will by troops assembled for that very purpose.

The other aspect that needs to be addressed here is that roughly 57%  of Americans polled have a very favorable view of what president Donald Trump has done with the ban, and this is according to many sources. It is the Al Sharpton left that is having such a hard time trying to understand and accept that America no longer wants open borders. America is awakening to the fact that there is a vast gulf between being charitable and kind and being overrun and destroyed.

For instance, the left has made very little mention of the fact that Trump has said that America is prepared to take in 50,000 refugees. Think about that for a moment, that is a lot of people, roughly 5000 per state. The number is even more vivid when one takes into account that places like Alaska and Idaho are not likely going to see 5,000 Middle Eastern Refugees anytime soon. This means that a number considerably higher than 5000 is going to be placed into a state system at the behest and mandate of the federal government.

This is a federal government that was not elected to dictate to states what they must do and a federal government that is too far removed from the local needs of each state to be able to have any idea what will work and what will collapse the system.


Even elderly men are not safe from radical Muslim hate and violence because many are not fleeing terror, but coming to CAUSE terror.

Sharpton never addresses how to teach 50,000 people English, how to acclimate them to the civil responsibilities that it takes to assimilate into American culture, or even how to tell fact from fiction on TV shows, depending upon just how restrictive their lives were before the Syrian war. Al Sharpton was also silent on how he must have overlooked the fact that not only do all seven hellish nations on the ban list openly call for the death of America and Judaism, but also specifically Christians who Islamists have butchered in the most ancient and important parts of the Holy Land where Christianity began. Sharpton wants to let more people into America who would happily hack to death everyone in his church and then sleep blissfully that night when complete.

Radio commentator Michael Savage has said many times that the survival instinct has been bred out of the gene pool by public schools and leftist programming.

This is why we see things like entire areas of the EU and English cities being taken over by Islamist radicals who forbid the rest of the non-Islamic populations who also pay taxes from entering therein. Perhaps Sharpton is blind to this fact too, but he won’t be if his side wins because it may just be in his neighborhood and around his church that radical Islam makes their first ever American no go zone.