Kennedy Speech Soaking Wet

PUBLISHED: 11:03 PM 31 Jan 2018

Dem’s SOTU Response All Wet, Kennedy Drools His Way Through

Democrats would be calling him insane if he was a Republican.

Dems continue their search for someone to unite the party after Kennedy drools like a child.

President Trump called for a return to bipartisanship and touched the hearts of many Americans during his first State of the Union. In response, the Democrats shuffled out a line of people to give disparaging remarks.

Foremost among them was Joe Kennedy III. A rising star in the democratic party, the Representative of Massachusetts began drooling and oozing spittle during his rebuttal.

The young representative told onlookers about the soaring stock markets and the bursting investment portfolios. Trying to downplay the increase in minimum wage from many companies, Kennedy began drooling at the seams.

Blathering on about uniting the transgender and Muslim communities, the political prodigy made sure to hit all the liberal talking points. The young Kennedy made sure to address the fascism of the president who has removed the civil liberties of all the illegal immigrants.

Possibly suffering from a stroke, the representative glossed over the call for amnesty of 1.8 million residents in the United States. The president declared he wants to provide citizenship for more than half of all 3.6 million Dreamers.

Americans are dreamers too, and many dreamt they were witnessing the chapstick hit the light, but as the talk began to progress spit bubbles began to collect in the corners of his mouth. And like a rabid animal, he attacked the policies of the president.

Serving his third term, Kennedy shows off his experience in the Democratic process. The 37-year-old is the grandson of former attorney general and one-time presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy, and some have proclaimed he was born to return his family name to greatness.

American royalty, the slobbering congressman tried to convince people he cared for their needs more than the president. Known for his last name, the democratic party seems set in their desire to establish a ruling political class of elites.

Since Ted Kennedy, Joe’s great uncle, drunkenly drove his car into a river killing his female passenger, only two Kennedys have held public office. Since the legislator’s manslaughter, his son Patrick Kennedy retired from his post as Representative of Rhode Island.

Two years after his uncle left Congress, the red headed spit machine felt the compulsion to take up the mantle.

In an age dominated by hashtags, the MeToo movement is dominating Hollywood and the media. Black Lives Matter still carries weight over elected officials who are worried of offending people they do not represent.

The Kennedy family is not renowned for their sexual modesty. Recent FBI documents reveal Marilyn Monroe was having an affair with both president Kennedy and his brother the A.G. simultaneously.

The democratic party is a fan of rewriting history, however, as the removal of confederate statutes and democratic leaders continue to be eliminated from public spaces. Unlike the civil war, people are still alive who remember the Kennedys.

Not unaware of the political atmosphere, the representative made mention of sexual harassment and he vowed to do more for survivors then Hillary Clinton was willing to do. Joe made sure to follow up his rally for women with the assertion that black lives matter.

Not sporting a suit coat, the wet-faced politician was hoping to appeal to the many blue-collar democrats who walked away from the party in droves after the 2016 election debacle.

In a ploy to create viewership, the Representative invited a special guest to the State of the Union address. Trying to create hype for his first televised address, Kennedy was salivating over United States Army Staff Sergeant Patricia King.

King, who is currently employed as the squad leader at Fort Lewis, was the first person to receive a sex reassignment surgery paid for by the military. The transgender military person was used by the democrat to example his fight for transgender rights.

The democratic party shows just how out of touch they remain with the majority of America. Championing causes foreign to middle America does not increase the strength of the base.

The democratic party should be spitting mad over their inability to know what the people want in a politician. CBS has reported that 75% of Americans viewed the president’s address favorably.

Proposing solutions for immigration and infrastructure, the president is causing an uproar among the republican party over the compromises he is willing to make. In order to garner bipartisan support, the president has given democrats everything they want, and never more has the president looked like Mussolini.