PUBLISHED: 12:01 AM 23 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 6:05 AM 23 Jan 2018

Dems Pass Bill BEFORE Election To Auto Register, Suit Claimed Forms Were “Burden”

The new California bill will automatically entitle illegal immigrants who obtain a driver's license to vote.

The new California bill will automatically entitle illegal immigrants who obtain a driver’s license with the right to vote.

Beginning April 1, California will automatically register to vote anyone who is issued a driver’s license. The state has no requirements for individuals to provide documentation for establishing legal residency in the country, therefore non-citizens will be registered to vote. This change will go into effect before the state and federal elections are held.

The New Motor Voter Act was signed into law in 2015, and requires the records for all eligible applicants to be forwarded to the Secretary of State’s office for registration. Motorists must elect not to vote in order for them to avoid registration.

A lawsuit filed in 2017 claimed registration was too burdensome for those who wished to register to vote. The two part process required the same information be submitted on separate forms. However, if the process to register is too much, then maybe the complex political system that hangs in the balance is also too difficult for those individuals to participate in? Voting should require some attention to detail and effort.

One claimant to the suit is the National Council of La Raza. The “La Raza,” Spanish for the race, is a leftist Hispanic group that opposes many of the American immigration laws. The group has drawn criticism for supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.



Does your vote still count if anyone in the world can come and participate?

The Center for Immigration Studies has pointed out that different interpretations exist for the meanings of the term. Many have seen its use as having racist undertones, with some illegal immigrants shouting in protest, “Viva la Raza.” Others use it in connection to the myth of Aztlan, or the movement to reclaim parts of the southwest United States as belonging to Mexico.

The organization has since changed their name to UnidosUS. The word united (unidos) is often used by these same people to forward their group’s ideology. Nevertheless, the change was made in an effort to move away from these issues.

Janet Murguia, president and CEO of UnidosUS is quoted as stating, “We really wanted to make sure what we were hearing was reflective of most of our community… We knew this step would be a big one and that not everybody would be fully supportive, but it’s hard to ignore the data and the changes that have occurred in our community.”


Border security helps lower crime, drugs and terrorism.

Immigration and border security continues to be a hot button issue in American. Political debate on these issues revolve around leftist identity politics and the future of all American citizens.

When on the campaign trail, President Trump was critiqued by the media for statements he made about the judge in the Trump University class action lawsuit. He was concerned that Judge Gonzalo Curiel might be biased because of his connection to the “La Raza” group, which advocates for Latino interests and largely opposes his plan for a wall along the Mexican border.

It is important to remember that non-citizen voter registration and immigration reform do not only apply to people from central American. Unchecked immigration threatens the American culture as a whole, and our economic systems and social programs that are designed to perpetuate a certain standard of living.

Border security and legal immigration serve to protect the American public from drug violence and trafficking.

The policies that protect the under class and the elderly are a product of American ideals, which are not always the same for other countries. American women exercise rights that are denied to women in other parts of the world. Additionally, our welfare system is the result of the wealth of a prosperous country.

Other parts of the world struggle with these concepts. That is why people wish to immigrate to America. Others would exploit our system and we simply do not have enough resources to sustain every individual who wishes to enter the country. These ideals are perpetuated through our voting process.

The integration of immigrants to American society and culture is a central concern for many of those who follow the government’s policies on immigration, and the debate over DACA and border security. Persons who wish to obtain driver’s licenses, vote and work in America should consider themselves American citizens.