Dems Reject Amnesty Deal

PUBLISHED: 6:39 PM 20 Jan 2019

Dems Don’t Wait: Border Compromise Rejected As Trump Base Angry Over Amnesty

In a projected compromise on Saturday, the president offered to approve protections for DACA illegal aliens, but democrats didn’t wait for the actual announcement and immediately rejected the proffered olive branch.

Democrats rejected the compromise President Trump proposed.

Before President Trump had gotten the words out of his mouth yesterday, concerning a compromise on the border standoff, prominent democrats immediately rejected the deal.

And although the idea of offering extended protections to DACA illegals enraged mush of the GOP base, democrats made it clear that they will accept no arrangement that doesn’t ensure more drugs and a steady stream of illegal criminals flooding across the border.

The president offered to extend work-amnesty for one million registered migrants in exchange for 230 miles of border wall.

He also compromised on reforming the many catch-and-release rules “which allow the cartels to profitably smuggle hundreds of thousands of poor migrants into the U.S. labor market, welfare rolls, and U.S. K-12 schools.”

Democrats speedily dismissed the offer.

Sen. Chuck Schumer claimed, “offering some protections back in exchange for the wall is not a compromise but more hostage taking.”

Before the speech began, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected the idea, saying “Unfortunately, initial reports make clear that his proposal is a compilation of several previously rejected initiatives, each of which is unacceptable and in total, do not represent a good faith effort to restore certainty to people’s lives.”

She added, “It is unlikely that any one of these provisions alone would pass the House, and taken together, they are a non-starter.  For one thing, this proposal does not include the permanent solution for the Dreamers and TPS recipients that our country needs and supports.”

In general, Democrats support permanent amnesty for at least 11 million illegals, want to make Trump impotent on border security reform, and ensure that criminals have access to the U.S. through an open border.

Trump requested extra money for surveillance and immigration judges, but that was not enough for his base, who want complete reform and a wall.

“A wall for amnesty is terrible idea,” said one immigration reformer.

The proposed swap is bad politics, he said. “A quarter of wall funding — only $5.7 billion — is an even worse deal. This would be an absolute betrayal of the GOP base who voted Trump into office. Trump needs to listen to the base, not [White House aides] on this issue.”

He added, “You must swap statutory changes for statutory changes. There is a chance that the wall will never be built but the amnesty happens immediately and is irreversible. It is 1986 all over again – when the amnesty happened immediately and the reforms never happened.”

Plus, it would create 2020 problems for the president, he said, “There’s one thing that will cause another crisis — another amnesty. This whole thing started with the DACA magnet. The notion that we’re about to solve the problem with more of what caused the problems in the first place is ridiculous.”

“The offer the President announced today is a loser for the forgotten American workers who were central to his campaign promises,” said NumbersUSA.

Many people agree that the president must not play politics as usual. Democrats are losing support with the people and their own party lawmakers. The amnesty offer was a bad move, most agree, unless the president knew beforehand that dems would reject it, and used the Saturday speech to build momentum.