Dems Back Controversial Candidate

PUBLISHED: 9:15 PM 6 Mar 2018

Dems Desperate To Win Seats, Back Candidate Who Has “Questionable” History

Some in the party don’t believe she can win with her conservative record.

The Arizona Senate race for Dems takes an odd turn as they search for warm bodies to fill seats.

Democrats have gotten to the point where they are desperate to find just about anyone to run for office under their ticket. This includes taking an unlikely, wish-washy loose cannon like Phoenix area Kyrsten Sinema and nominating her to try to snag a seat in the Senate.

Sinema seems to be unclear about where she stands on most issues. She can act as an extremely liberal member of the Green Party one year and then transform herself into a conservative Democrat the next. It is not clear where her true loyalty stands, but she works hard to make herself appear to “fit” just about anywhere. Even her history as a “bomb throwing” independent doesn’t seem to worry some Democrats.

When we look at the history of Sinema as a political figure, it seems that she has struggled to find herself. She would like many now to believe she bridges the gap between President Trump and the Democrats. This is not the case as she floats between both parties but hopes to gain a Senate seat as a Democrat.

Even though she holds herself out to be a Democrat, many within her party are not buying it. For the sake of having another Democrat in their numbers, they are willing to vote her into office though.

According to Patrick Seifter, the Democratic chair of Phoenix, there is more than beats the eye to this particular Democrat. Just because she calls herself a Democrat does not mean even those within her party support her. Seifter shared “…obviously I want a Democrat to win, but it is more than having the letter D after your name.”

Beyond his cautionary words against Sinema jumping from one bandwagon to the next, Seifter also shared that he will be using his vote in November as a symbol of his non-support. He will not be voting for Sinema.

Even though he only holds one vote, Seifter also shared that he figured about 25% of the local Democrats were already not in support of Sinema taking office.

Even as Sinema tries to fit into any place that will have her, it seems many are already over this lack of real commitment.

She, at one time, played her role as a liberal, free-thinking political advocate that bucked the two-party system. She, at one point, enjoyed her status as the first openly bisexual member of Congress.

It is not clear if this has changed as she is now re-branding herself as being a conservative Democrat.

Early in her career, she attempted to run for Phoenix City Council. The people of Arizona just were not ready for this move, and it appeared that at the time, she was not either.

Sinema went willingly into the race for City Council but did not seem to understand how essential election activities worked.

While other candidates raised funds to support their bids, she made a public statement about not taking contributions.

In her eyes, taking donations in this manner was a form of bribery. She refused any support for her campaign and quickly failed.

Her hard-hitting views of taking personal responsibility for her campaigns may no longer be in play as she prepares for her current Senate run.

She is sitting on a fund of $5.1 million in her campaign account. Even as a three-term congresswoman, it is safe to assume she may not have earned that all as personal income.

The disconnect between classifying donations as bribes is only the start of her struggle to define where she stands on many issues. While early career moves seemed to go all in on an extremely liberal agenda, Sinema also made significant efforts to support views on the polar opposite side of the spectrum.

In her current role, she has stepped forward as a supporter of President Trump. The President has enjoyed her support of topics that are hot buttons for those in Phoenix, including illegal immigrants.

There are not many who hold themselves out as being Democrats that openly support the President’s hard-hitting stance on the border wall either.

While the fact that she supports efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, this does not seem to line up with her personal history. Her bio tells a very different story that includes time volunteering as an outreach worker with refugees.

At this point, her stance on most topics is confusing at best. She has bounced from being too liberal for other Democrats to now appearing, to be perhaps, too conservative.

It is alarming to watch some Democrats now hold her Senate run out as being a saving grace for the party when in all reality, they at one point refused to allow her to even run on their ticket. She was pushed off the Democratic ticket for being too liberal in 2002.

Time will tell if local Arizona Democrats fall for the “D” after her name and cast their vote for Sinema based solely on the party.