Dems Cry At Hearings

PUBLISHED: 5:51 PM 28 Jul 2021

Dems ‘Cry’ During Performance Theater Hearings Scripted By Lawfare Lawyers

This is a big, giant, fake pageant. Designed only for the ignorant.

Auditioning for CNN? (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In what amounts to nothing more than ‘performance theater,’ democrats ‘cried’ yesterday during the January 6 ‘hearings.’ Of course, this scripted entertainment was brought to the American public by Lawfare, the same group of lawyers who orchestrated the Kavanaugh witch hunt, and the Russia witch hunt against President Trump.

Conservative Treehouse explained:

As Saul Alinsky noted, ridicule is the most effective political weapon.  Andrew Breitbart was the master at flipping the Democrat’s Alinsky effort back upon them and laughing.  As a result, agitprop evolved to a space of political combat, and while we do not control many of the platforms, our team has the best meme agitprop ever seen in political combat.  The left can’t meme.

That said, enjoy… this is funny.  Watch the Adams’ compete for Best Actor in a Made for TV drama series.

And the winner for Best Actor in a made for Television Drama or Miniseries is….

….The envelope please


CTH reported:

Sometimes pictures are worth thousands of words. Seeing former DOJ official David Laufman show up at Nancy Pelosi’s J6 Committee hearing explains the pantomime.

David Laufman is seen below sitting behind committee witness Michael Fanone. Laufman was the DOJ-NSD official who interviewed Hillary Clinton during the fraudulent FBI Clinton email investigation of 2016; Laufman quit the DOJ and started working for Lawfare. Laufman then represented Monica McLean, the best FBI friend of Christine Blasey Ford who helped write the letter to Dianne Feinstein during their effort to block Justice Kavanaugh for SCOTUS Judge.

Monica McLean was busted by Senator Grassley for witness tampering; and then hired “beach friend” David Laufman to avoid legal trouble.

What does Laufman showing up at another political pantomime disguised as a hearing tell us?

It tells us the same Lawfare crew is producing, directing and writing the script for democrats again.  The cast of characters, vis-a-vis witnesses, are different; however, the script is exactly the same.  This is what they do.  This is all political theater, written, directed and produced for public consumption. Nothing more.

CTH added:

Rachael Maddow better watch out, because Adam Kinzinger is coming for her 9:00pm MSNBC time-slot.  During Act-1 of the J6 pantomime representative Adam Kinzinger (U-DC) shows the world how professional virtue signalling is done.  Kinzinger cries on cue while role-playing his job as the John Boehner of Paul Ryans.

Illinois is losing a congressional district following the 2020 census.  It will likely be CD-16, Kinzinger’s district, that is eliminated.  Illinois Democrats are drawing the new congressional district map.  Poor Adam has the feelz.