Dems Stole NJ Overnight

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 4 Nov 2021
UPDATED: 3:10 PM 4 Nov 2021

Dems Cheat With Election Rig For NJ Governor: 40K Votes ‘Mysteriously’ Appear Overnight

Yet again, magic votes appeared for the losing democrat.

In darkness... again somehow a democrat magically 'won.' (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Magic votes appeared overnight for Democrat Governor Phil Murphy, somehow allowing him to ‘win.’

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Last night in the New Jersey Governor’s race Republican Jack Ciattarelli was leading current Democrat Governor Phil Murphy in the largest county in the state, Bergen County.  Then suddenly things changed.

Last night the governor’s race in New Jersey was showing the Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli in the lead over the incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy.  Then miraculously things changed.

With 83% of the votes counted in the state, Republican Ciattarelli held a statewide lead of 42,000 votes.  At this time, Bergen County, the largest county in New Jersey, claimed 100% reporting with Ciattarelli winning 52% of the vote.

Then things changed.  Minutes later, with 87% of the vote counted, the results in Bergen County changed and suddenly Murphy was reported ahead in the county with 51% of the vote.  Ciattarelli’s 42,000 vote in the state also dwindled to a  1,600 vote lead at this time.

Citizen Free Press reported:

UPDATE — Double counting in New Jersey.  Ciattarelli is back in the lead.

Double counting just discovered in Hudson County.


Murphy has taken the lead again.


The Gateway Pundit added:

The New Jersey Governor race has been called for the Democrat incumbent Phil Murphy (L).

Phil Murphy, a Democrat who has pushed New Jersey in a more progressive direction and overseen the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, won a second term as the Garden State’s governor Wednesday night, narrowly defeating Republican Jack Ciattarelli in a bitter and closer-than-expected race that was too close to call for nearly 24 hours.

The race was called by The Associated Press early Wednesday evening.

This comes after obvious issues were identified overnight where 40,000 ballots were awarded to Murphy in Bergen County after the county was reported as 100% reported.

Until the country takes voter fraud as a real serious issue, elections like this will continue to take place.