Roman Gold Discovered

PUBLISHED: 6:55 PM 10 Sep 2018

Demolition Project Unearths Massive Find Hidden For Centuries

It is hard to put a price tag on this massive find.

Coins like this (pictured) found in 2016 are the kinds of coins found under the old theater.

‘Real treasure’ has been found in Italy and it happened in the most unlikely of places. According to the Daily Mail, gold coins dating back to the fifth century have been found. According to experts, the absolute value of the find is staggering and rather hard to pinpoint.

During a construction demolition of the Cressoni Theatre in Como on Wednesday, workers found a “cache” of ancient Roman coins. But, before the find is headed to a museum, the coins will be examined and dated more precisely.

What is known already is that the worth of these coins is sure to be in the millions of euros. However, giving an exact figure on the coin’s price tag isn’t as easy as one would think.

Archaeologist Luca Rinaldi said to Qui Como, “We cannot speak of a precise value because they are not a marketable commodity, but certainly it is an exceptional find and therefore of inestimable value.”

Historians will be even happier to find out what condition these treasures are in. Having sat in a pot underneath the old theater, they were amazingly preserved. “The state of conservation so good that even dating should be fast enough,” added the archaeologist.

Alberto Bonisoli, the Minister of Culture stated, “We do not yet know in detail the historical and cultural significance of the find. That area is proving to be a real treasure. The discovery fills me with pride.

That history is well-documented, too. The Mail wrote that the theater saw its inauguration in 1870. It “later became a cinema before closing in 1997” and was being torn down so that “luxury residences” could be built on the site.

Of course, that shall not be happening now since construction has been halted in light of this find. Now, “further excavations” are planned to ensure that other treasures are not lost, perhaps forever, under a new structure.

While this doesn’t happen every day by any stretch of the imagination, the news has been alive lately with reports of some really interesting (and pricey) finds.

For example, $25,000 in treasure was found in a couple’s backyard in Staten Island, New York, and a 13-year-old German boy unearthedhundreds of 1,000-year-old silver coins, rings, pearls, and bracelets linked to the era of Danish King Harald Gormsson,” back in April.

Also, off the Carribean coast, a $17 billion dollar booty was found and the specifics on that are being kept hushed for obvious reasons, as reported prior.

That means that those who enjoy knowing when bits of lost history are found likely won’t have to wait too long to see what’s next. This has, after all, been quite a year for such findings.