‘Swamp Strikes Again’

PUBLISHED: 6:18 PM 5 Jan 2019

Democrats Vote Unanimously To Leave Town After Four Hours Of Work

Democrats don’t seem very interested in helping the millions of government employees who are hurting during the shutdown, in a unanimous vote, they left town after only four hours of work.

Democrats unanimously voted to leave town after working only four hours, according to House Representatives.

It’s not President Trump’s fault that Congress is doing nothing about the shutdown. In fact, any thinking person can understand that after the latest stunt by democrats in the House, the shutdown is completely their fault.

Donald Trump has been working since democrats refused to fund border security, prompting a partial government shutdown. However, democrats decided to vote to leave Washington, D.C. after working just four hours.

The president has stated that he will not sign any budget bills that ignore the very serious need for border security.

In fact, it looks as if democrats know they’re impotent to do anything about the standoff.

House minority leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted. “SWAMP STRIKES AGAIN → Every single House Democrat just voted to leave town after less than 4 hours on the job. Congress should stay in session until the Schumer Shutdown is over.”

Congressman Steve Scalise dared the media to report on the continued Democrat obstruction, but so far, there has been no mention of the childish tactics used by the new democrat majority.

“Let’s see if the media will report this: On their first day in control of the House, Democrats voted to LEAVE TOWN instead of staying in DC to work to open the government and build the wall,” Scalise said. “Once again, they’re choosing open borders over an open government.”

Scalise, who was seriously wounded when a Bernie supporter opened fire and tried to kill as many Republicans as possible, recounted what has happened so far.

“House Democrats’ Day 1 record:

  1. Block vote to stay and work in DC until they open the government and fund our border security.
  2. Pass a sham bill to reopen the government that doesn’t include a dime more in funding for the wall.
  3. Change the rules to allow YOUR taxes to be raised to pay for their big government programs and liberal agenda.
  4. Sneak a provision into their funding bill that allows taxpayer dollars to fund abortions in foreign countries.”

Democrat like Nancy Pelosi and others have vowed not to fund one single dollar for a border barrier, despite their previous stances.

The hypocrisy is stunning, given the elitist lifestyles these flip-flopping career politicians live.

President Trump called out Barack Obama for having a serious wall around his posh Washington, D.C. home, while simultaneously telling Americans that a border wall isn’t necessary.

“President and Mrs. Obama built/has a 10-foot Wall around their D.C. mansion/compound,” Trump tweeted. “I agree, totally necessary for their safety and security. The US needs slightly larger version!”

Pelosi also has protective barriers around her sprawling San Francisco mansion to keep the riff raff away.

“In fact, Pelosi’s home is elevated high off the sidewalk. Why? Because that makes it harder for thieves to break in.”

Democrats claim a border wall would be too costly, but conveniently ignore the fact that taxpayers foot $115 billion every year in costs related to illegal immigration, not to mention the many people who have been attacked, raped, and killed by these alien criminals.

The American people will not stand for this much longer. Democrats’ ballot harvested and rank voted their way into a majority in the House of Representatives, but if they don’t watch out, they will create a disgust so sickening that voters will root them out like the revolting scum they are.