Leftists Against Peace

PUBLISHED: 8:20 PM 12 Jun 2018

Democrats Vocal on North Korea Under Obama, Complain About Trump Treatment

Trump has done more in two years to deal with North Korea than Obama ever did, but they can't stop complaining about it.

Democrat politicians came out in droves, 'led' by Pelosi and Schumer, to complain that Donald Trump dared to hope for peace in the region and to negotiate directly with Kim Jong-un.

Yesterday, while most Americans were sleeping, President Donald Trump made history by being the first President in nearly 70 years to sit down and talk with the leader of North Korea. This is an encouraging step toward what could be the end of hostilities that have threatened the region since the end of the Korean War.

Of course, ‘leading’ democrats couldn’t dare admit that President Trump is succeeding where Barack Obama failed repeatedly. Instead, democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer decided to criticize the president and his time in Singapore with Kim Jong-un. They didn’t seem to have issues with Obama’s policy, but apparently the fact that the current republican president is working toward peace is unacceptable to them. Pelosi was furious Trump didn’t ‘listen’ to ‘experts’ at the State Department.

Although these sour grapes are hurting no one but themselves, it’s like these dinosaurs can’t help themselves.

Nancy Pelosi, who still holds onto the belief that she will ride a ‘blue wave’ to become the Speaker of the House early next year, complained that Donald J. Trump insulted American allies and ‘sidelined’ the ‘experts’ at the Department of State.

In her public non-statement, Pelosi, who represents California, claimed that the president handed Kim Jong-un “concessions” and got nothing in exchange.

She also complained that the ‘millions of families’ in the region who live in ‘constant’ fear of North Korea’s (likely defunct) weapons program deserve “strong and smart leadership” and “engagement with our regional partners and allies.”

Apparently, Pelosi didn’t notice that Obama’s efforts provided neither strong nor smart leadership in the region.

How did President Trump not ‘engage’ with regional allies? The South Korean President, Moon Jae-In, helped to arrange the meeting.

Meanwhile, during the Obama years, the former president repeatedly watched as North Korea showed off a nuclear program and showcased missile development along with it. Somehow, Pelosi didn’t mind that so much.

Her complaints that the State Department was ignored are also absurd. It sounds like she didn’t pay attention to Mike Pompeo, who went over to Asia to discuss the meeting with Kim Jong-un and managed to return a number of American citizens held in captivity in North Korea in the process. He did this without releasing terrorists, something Obama could never comprehend.

If only she had been so concerned with Obama-era policy, perhaps Otto Warmbier would still be alive today.

Senator Chuck Schumer of New York made similar comments about the president’s trip to Singapore, and did so in public, from the floor of the Senate.

Schumer, who is not known for his military acumen, was angered by the ‘deal,’ and said that Donald Trump had already ‘given up leverage’ to Kim Jong-un’s regime.

The New York senator also complained that the administration promised to halt military exercises in the region during negotiations with North Korea.

According to the President, that is the only concession that the United States government has made to the Hermit Kingdom thus far.

Of course, in exchange for delaying military exercises, Kim agreed to shut down a missile site, and promised that the would work to find a denuclearization solution.

To be fair, neither side made any long-term concessions yet. America promised to not host war games with South Korea during negotiations, and North Korea will shut down a missile site.

America didn’t decrease the number of troops in the South Korean peninsula, it didn’t remove soldiers from the region (like those stationed in Osaka), it simply said it would postpone training exercises.

It’s interesting that Pelosi and Schumer would be so agitated now.

They didn’t much seem to care when America’s allies in the region were complaining that North Korea under Kim Jong-un was expanding its nuclear program and seemed to be consistently testing nuclear devices underground.

In fact, both of them were in politics when Kim Jong-il was the leader of the nation, and neither seemed concerned about Bill Clinton’s policy of general appeasement and payment toward the dictator.

So, their concern now seems somewhat contrived, to say the least. It’s also interesting that both of them brought up ‘allies in the region.’

The ‘allies in the region’ didn’t seem to appreciate Obama’s failure to do anything about North Korea other than occasionally talk tough. It probably didn’t help that his ‘tough talk’ turned out to be just talk, repeatedly, in almost every situation.

In fact, it seems like allies in the region are standing behind Donald Trump. The South Korean government, likely working in tandem with the Chinese government, set up the meeting in the first place.

The Japanese government also has reason to enjoy a ceasefire, because it means no more North Korean missiles randomly fired toward their nation.

The truth is that if Obama was still in office, the democrats would be celebrating, bragging that a democrat brokered peace with one of the nation’s worst enemies.

But, because Donald Trump is the one scoring a tremendous diplomatic victory, they have to make it look like some sort of scandal.