DNC Lies

PUBLISHED: 7:10 PM 12 Jul 2018

Democrats Use Cheap Imagery To Hide Mueller Investigation Failures, Political Bias

The DNC has stooped so low as to having to use dishonesty to score cheap political points against President Donald Trump

Leftists used cheap imagery and outright dishonesty to give the impression that Strzok and the Mueller investigation had accomplished more than they really have.

Although most Americans have not noticed with all the other big news this week, including the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, the Robert Mueller ‘special’ investigation is still ongoing. But, for all the time and effort put into it, they still have nothing to show.

However, that has not stopped the leftists from showing off the ‘fruits’ of the investigation, even as they do their best to pretend that the investigation was not the result (at least partially) of political bias on the part of people like Peter Strzok. Indeed, they even applauded him as he called Donald Trump “horrible” and spread other lies. Then democrats decided to grandstand, pushing the lie that the investigation is going well.

How he can say he has no bias, after we’ve all seen the texts, and then be applauded by leftists, is baffling.

Today, Strzok, who worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, went before the House oversight and judiciary committees, in order to explain himself and his statements about Donald Trump, including his message to his mistress, Lisa Page, who was then working as an attorney for the FBI.

That message, sent in August 2016 (well after the investigation into Trump and his campaign began), declared that they would stop Trump from being president of the nation.

In his testimony, Strzok said that he felt it was important to consider those messages in the context “in which they were made” and of events occurring in the United States at the time.

He also talked about how he disapproved of Donald J. Trump, then a candidate, and his behavior.

Indeed, the agent even excused his behavior by saying that candidate Trump had insulted the immigrant family of a war hero lost in combat.

He outright stated “I do not have bias,” a statement he will likely find difficult to substantiate.

Strzok not only oversaw the beginning of the investigation into the candidate, he also played a leading role in the investigation into Hillary Clinton, her private email server, and the classified information that ended upon said server.

After trying to claim that the Bureau would have stopped any abuse or bias on his part, he went on to say that questioning evidence of bias in the organization “deeply corrodes what the FBI is” in the United States and its society.

He, quite coincidentally, ignored the agency’s history of openly displaying and operating from political bias, particularly under its founder. Leftists applauded him all the same, however, for suggesting that an executive agency should be beyond questioning, even when it interfered in politics without just cause.

Meanwhile, during Strzok’s testimony, perhaps desperate to find something to seize on that the American people could be fooled into thinking showed the special investigation was not an immense scam, Democrats trotted out pictures of people who have plead guilty.

They stood with Representative Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland, while he read off the five names of those who have plead guilty to charges, a list which included Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos, and more.

While aides (possibly legislative aides) held pictures, as if to suggest that this evidence all came from the Mueller investigation, it could be easy to get the wrong impression.

Most of the people charged were either charged for crimes that have literally nothing to do with the Donald Trump campaign and claims of ‘Russian collusion,’ or they plead guilty to lying to the FBI.

The people who lied to the FBI, incidentally, ‘lied’ about conduct that was completely legal. It is likely that these people were targeted in hopes that they would provide information, truthful or not, that Mueller and Strzok could use to go after the Trump administration or higher-ranking members.

In other words, not only were they celebrating cases that have not ended yet, some of which could conceivably be thrown out (and, given the history of Mr.Mueller’s top prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, and his work on the Enron investigation, that seems more likely than usual), but they’re also misrepresenting the nature of the cases.

In criminal cases, plea bargains exist. Often, in exchange for a bargain of ‘guilty’ or ‘no contest,’ a prosecutor (in this case, the Mueller team) will promise a defendant a much lighter sentence.

In the case of charges related to ‘lying to a federal agent,’ they usually tend to offer little to no punishment in exchange for ‘assistance’ in their investigation.

This is often a much better deal than risking a trial before a possibly hostile judge and jury, which could end in a guilty verdict. Sometimes, lawyers will suggest that their clients take such bargains.

So, everything that Cummings represented as some sort of ‘victory’ was less a victory and more an example of how the government can bully people into accepting pleas out of fear.

The DNC is not looking to be honest about the Mueller investigation and how little it has accomplished. They’re more than happy to celebrate the openly-biased Strzok while trying to beguile the American people about the investigation, all in hopes that they will make President Trump look bad.