Permanent Impeachment Admitted

PUBLISHED: 6:04 PM 17 Dec 2019
UPDATED: 6:09 PM 17 Dec 2019

Democrats Unveil Strategy To Become ‘Permanent Impeachment Party’

This is outrageous… these liberal leaders plan to “continue” impeachment for as long as President Trump holds office, regardless of the constitution or the rule of law.

Straight from the donkey's mouth. (Source: YouTube Screenshot CNN)

Democrats have admitted that they will “continue” impeachment for as long as President Trump holds office. Controlled by Lawfare lawyers, the eternal hearings and ‘investigations’ will be a permanent part of democrat congressional activity. Probably the only activity.

Of course, the president hasn’t committed any high crime or misdemeanor, so democrats like Jamie Raskin are simply claiming the “intention” to commit a crime is the same as committing it, and that the president “perhaps” committed multiple crimes.


So, under this line of thinking, if you’ve ever contemplated a crime… you’re guilty? The absurdity here is mind boggling, yet is being treated with legitimacy.

On CNN, Raskin told Wolf Blitzer, “Well, no, there was, perhaps multiple crimes committed by this president. Bill Clinton had not been prosecuted or indicted for perjury. They just pled the elements of perjury in the article of impeachment. We’ve pled within our impeachment and in the accompanying report lots of factual evidence that could lead to prosecution of the president later.”

Well, that’s wrong. There is NO EVIDENCE.

DB Update’s opinion nailed it, reporting:

The Democrats plan to make impeachment a permanent feature of their owning a majority of seats in the House of Representatives. Further, they plan to make the coming 2020 elections a referendum on their attempt to also gain control of the Senate.

That became clear on Monday, as reported by Politico:

In a filing to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, House General Counsel Douglas Letter argued that the House’s demands for grand jury materials connected to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation were still urgent because such evidence might become relevant to the Senate’s expected impeachment trial next month.

But Letter went further to note that even apart from the Senate trial, the House Judiciary Committee intends to continue its impeachment investigation arising from the Mueller probe on its own merit.

“The committee has continued and will continue [its impeachment] investigations consistent with its own prior statements respecting their importance and purposes,” Letter wrote in a filing Monday as part of the House’s bid to obtain Mueller’s grand jury evidence.

If it wasn’t already clear to you before, it should be now: The Democrat Party plans to not only make impeachment a permanent feature of its majority in the House of Representatives, it obviously plans to make the 2020 senate elections a referendum on using that body for the same purposes.

The Democrats don’t believe they have a candidate who can actually defeat Donald Trump at the polls next November, so their plan is to make the 2020 congressional elections a de facto referendum on removing Trump from office once he is re-elected.

Neal Katyal, a former acting solicitor general under Barack Hussein Obama, previewed this looming tactic in a tweet last week:

Impt note on future: If the Senate doesn’t vote to convict Trump, or tries to monkey w his trial, he could of course be retried in the new Senate should he win re-election. Double jeopardy protections do not apply. And Senators voting on impeachment in the next months know this.

— Neal Katyal (@neal_katyal) December 5, 2019

Texas Democrat Cong. Al Green also previewed the Democrat tactic around the same time:

“A president can be impeached more than once,” Green said, “So, we can do this, we can move forward with what we have on the table currently, we can take this before the Senate and we can still investigate other issues and when the president has committed additional offenses, and my suspicion is that he will, we can take those before the Senate.”

“There is no limit on the number of times the Senate can vote to convict or not a president, no limit to the number of times the House can vote to impeach or not a president,” Green continued. “So, my belief is that the speaker will probably say we’re going to move forward with what we have now, but we’re not going to end investigations and that there may be possible opportunities to do other things at a later time.”

So, those who were thinking that surely San Fran Nan would get control of her House caucus once this impeachment circus has failed in the Senate, well, think again. The belief that Pelosi was somehow dragged kicking and screaming into the impeachment farce by the far left wing of her caucus is nonsense: She is fully bought in and leading this process every step of the way.

She and her team are turning the House of Representatives into a permanent, 435-member impeachment committee, led by their Lawfare lawyers. And their plan is to turn the 2020 congressional elections into a referendum on doing the same thing to the U.S. Senate.

The audacity practiced here by the Democrats is exceeded only by their mendacity.

Exactly, and since William Barr stated very clearly last week to NBC that “there was and never has been any evidence of collusion,” these tactics are sickening.