Democrats Unveil Clinton Strategy To Defeat GOP

PUBLISHED: 12:50 AM 15 Feb 2018

Democrats Unveil New Strategy With Clinton To Defeat GOP In Midterm Elections

Democrats reveal Clinton will be special weapon in November.

Clinton is gearing up for a return in the midterm elections.

Democrats are gearing up to feature twice failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail this year, but many candidates want to avoid a “double loss.”

Ahead of crucial midterm elections in November, Democrats are planning to use Clinton to help the party take back control of Congress.

Despite her poisonous attitude since her embarrassing loss in the 2016 presidential election to President Donald Trump, Clinton and Democrats are expected to unveil what they are calling a “mid-year strategy.”

She will join several Democratic congressional candidates on the campaign trail in an effort to boost their profiles and bring in donations.

If anyone has connections to shady, wealthy donors, it’s Clinton.

However, some Democrats are aware that this may not be the best strategy as many are calling for Clinton to take a back seat role while on the campaign trail.

The Democratic Party is still yearning for someone to be the face of their party.

They can’t necessarily turn to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who are widely unpopular, so they are hoping Clinton’s presence can elevate candidates into office.

Many are warning that this is a very bad strategy for Democrats, but they may not have any other choice. After spending all of last year obstructing Trump, his agenda, and many of his priorities, Democrats don’t have a message.

Democrats are trotting Clinton out because they know she’s well-connected big-money donors — and they want access to those funds.

Oddly enough, trotting Clinton out on the campaign trail would actually benefit Republicans given that the country made it very clear during the last election that they do not want that corrupt woman in office.

Whether it’s Uranium One, pay-for-play, the private email server, or her numerous other scandals, some Democrats worry using Clinton will have unintended consequences.

Spoiler: they’re probably right.

Source: Daily Wire