DNC Targets Greens

PUBLISHED: 5:42 PM 11 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 10:18 PM 11 Jul 2018

Democrats Rejoice As Judge Removes Green Party From Montana Ballots

The Democrat Party brought forward a lawsuit in hopes of removing a competitor from the ballot, and managed to be victorious in that endeavor.

The Democrat Party in Montana rejoiced after their litigation managed to remove a competitor from the ballot.

The United States is very much a duopoly, despite the existence of numerous other political parties besides the republicans and democrats. For example, ‘libertarians’ and hard-left/socialist ‘green’ party voters usually account for, at most, three percent of the vote in any given election. However, they still have a right to exist, even if they, and ‘other’ parties, are constantly accused of acting as ‘spoilers’ for the republican or democrat candidates.

Now, in the state of Montana, at the prompting of the Democrat Party in the state, a judge has decided that the Green Party must be removed from the ballot this fall. Montana Democrats celebrated the movement and their ability to crush the ‘little guy’ they claim to represent, while others were shocked by the decision. How can the entire future of a fairly well-known political party depend entirely on the whims of a single judge?

Helena District Court Judge James Reynolds heard the case, which was brought before the court by the state’s Democrat Party contingent.

At the conclusion of the case, he directed Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton to remove the Green Party from the 2020 ballot after invalidating nearly 80 of the signatures that the party had collected through petitions.

In order to qualify to get on the Montana ballot, the candidate needed to get 5,000 signatures from at least 34 of the 100 separate state House districts.

In the case, Montana Democrats argued that a number of signatures were invalid, and that this meant the party had only collected the proper amount of signatures from 30 districts.

They had a number of reasons to attack the signatures. In some cases, they argued that the forms had been improperly signed-off on, and in others, they complained that the signatures didn’t match what the voter had on file.

In Reynolds’ ruling, he found signatures invalid for a number of reasons. Some were submitted by a person who didn’t collect them, while in other cases they were mismatched or ‘lacked’ required information.

After managing to muscle the Green Party out of Montana’s 2018 election, the state’s top Democrat, Nancy Keenan (formerly of NARAL), the executive director for Montana Democrats, released a statement, gloating about the ruling.

She said that the ruling was a win for the leftists in Montana, against “out-of-state, Republican dark money groups” that were trying to interfere in the election by offering people an alternative to the inanity of the DNC.

The party claimed that a consulting firm from out-of-state was involved in gathering signatures to put the Green Party on the ballot, and that their involvement was not reported to the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices.

Secretary of State Stapleton said that he was proud and confident in the work his office and its clerks did.

Montana Green Party coordinator Danielle Breck, on the other hand, was crushed by the heavy-handed tactics the DNC had employed to suppress her party’s vote.

In a statement, she said that their actions were “frustrating,” and that it was a shame to see the same party that complains about ‘voting rights’ and ‘voter suppression’ any time a state requires a photo ID to vote using their power to and clout to suppress an entire political party.

Why would the Montana DNC spend their time attempting to eliminate the Green Party from the ballot? Simple: they feared that a left-leaning candidate would steal votes that were ‘due’ to their candidate, leftist Senator Jon Tester, who is facing Republican State Auditor Matt Rosendale.

Perhaps, all those disenfranchised Green party voters will go ahead and vote GOP?

The left has often complained that the ‘greens’ stole votes from them in the election both local and national.

They seem to think that they are entitled to votes from the party, and that people like 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein, who managed to get just over a single percent of the vote in that election are robbing them of votes.

Of course, other parties split the vote other ways.

Gary Johnson, the nominee from the Libertarian Party best remembered for asking ‘what’s Aleppo,’ followed by smug responses from leftists in the media who didn’t know what it was before he asked, managed to take a respectable (by libertarian standards) 3.27 percent of the vote overall, likely mostly from Republican candidates.

However, the Republican party is not attempting to wipe the party off the ballot. Indeed, they have embraced members who are more libertarian-leaning, like Rand Paul and Thomas Massie, who serve as Senator and Congressman from Kentucky, respectively.

It seems like the DNC just can’t handle the competition. They passed new rules about who can run for the presidential nomination so Bernie Sanders, who is technically an independent, can’t run again. They’re even willing to go so far as to undermine tiny political parties that have rarely, if ever, offered any threat to their political victories.