Dem Plot Admitted

PUBLISHED: 10:10 PM 4 Sep 2018

Democrats Plotted Disruption Of Kavanaugh Confirmation

Democrats led by Charles Schumer conspired together to disrupt Kavanaugh’s senate confirmation hearing. Ranking members of the elite chamber of Congress acted like spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum simply because they still aren’t over losing the election.

As soon as the committee’s chairman, Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) banged his gavel to bring the meeting to order, disorder broke out.

Acting like spoiled children, senate democrats turned the opening session of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing into a total circus Tuesday. Worse, they conspired in secrecy over the weekend to plan the dirty deed. The plot was revealed by a tweet attributed to NBC news.

Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) couldn’t believe the sick manipulation. “I’m reviewing a tweet by NBC that said ‘Democrats plotted coordinated protest strategy over the holiday weekend, all agreed to disrupt and protest the hearing, sources tell me.’ And, subsequent, ‘Dem leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) led a phone call, and committee members are executing now.’”

This had better be fake news, he implied. “So, I just want to be clear, none of the members on this committee participated in that phone call or that strategy before the documents were released yesterday?” he begged someone to tell him, “are you suggesting that this allegation is false?” They were not.

Senator Dick Durban (D-Il.) admitted there was collusion. “Mr. Chairman, there was a phone conference yesterday, and I can tell you, at the time of the phone conference, many issues were raised.” He wasn’t man enough to admit they planned to disrupt the proceedings exactly the way it subsequently played out in the hearing.

He simply used the agreed on disrupting tactic. “Many issues were raised. One of the issues was the fact that over 100,000 documents related to Judge Kavanaugh had been characterized by the chairman of the committee as committee confidential.”

CBS News backed up NBC’s report. Nancy Cordes verifies that “a source familiar with the discussions confirms that Sen. Schumer held a conference call with Judiciary Committee democrats over the Labor Day weekend to discuss the strategy they are now deploying in a coordinated manner, interrupting the start of the hearing to call – one after the other – for a delay in the proceedings until senators get all the Kavanaugh documents they want and have time to read them.”

Kavanaugh had a hard time getting a word in edgewise, trying to explain that while he recognizes he is expected to tilt the Supreme Court to the conservative right, he strives to be a team player and base his decisions on the law, not his personal beliefs.

As soon as the committee’s chairman, Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) banged his gavel to bring the meeting to order, disorder broke out. As described by Boston Globe, “One by one, democrats, including Kamala Harris of California, Cory Booker of New Jersey and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, all potential presidential contenders, demanded that republicans delay the hearing.”

The reason each and every one of them used was an insistence on being able to read the “documents from three years Kavanaugh worked in the George W. Bush administration, and 100,000 more pages withheld by the Trump White House.”

Just before the hearing, 42,000 pages were released, but the democrats haven’t acknowledged those.

Senator Grassley thought he settled the issue at the opening of the session. Kamala Harris (D- Ca.) was the first one at the microphone. “We cannot possibly move forward, Mr. Chairman, with this hearing.” Grassley reportedly “disagreed.”

Richard Blumenthal (D-Ct.) made not one but several motions to adjourn. If the hearing continued, he asserted, “this process will be tainted and stained forever.”

Grassley was visibly flustered after saying no to “multiple requests to postpone.” Supposed adults in charge of our government could not seem to grasp that the documents already turned loose represented “the most open” document production “in history.”

The “chaotic scene” Boston Globe writes, referring to Senator Grassley, “was something he’d ‘never gone through’ in 15 past confirmation hearings.”

Public protesters in the gallery further added to the confusion. “More than two dozen protesters, shouting one by one, disrupted the hearing at several points and were removed by police.” In fact, rumors say at least 22 were arrested, including Muslim leader Linda Soursar.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) apologized to Kavanaugh when he took the floor, noting the “spectacle” being staged by childish democrats was more about Trump being in the oval office than Judge Kavanaugh’s record.

“It’s about politics. It is about democratic senators re-litigating the 2016 election,” Cruz consoled.

Kavanaugh took it all in stride, sitting silently and taking notes where appropriate. He was provided the opportunity to “introduce his parents, wife, and children, who sat through much of the outbursts before being escorted out of the room,” Boston Globe observes. Even children were behaving better at the hearing than our top democratic senators.

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) also blasted the “mob rule” tactics exploited by democrats. Fellow Republican, Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) added, “these people are so out of line they shouldn’t be in the doggone room.”

In an infantile display of open hostility, Senator Durbin sneered at Kavanaugh that “the unprecedented opposition being shown at the hearing reflected the concern many Americans have over Trump’s ‘contempt of the rule of law’ and the judge’s own expansive views on executive power.”

“It’s that president who’s decided you are his man,” Durbin declared.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) also made President Trump the focus of the issue instead of Kavanaugh’s qualifications. “Not only is the country deeply divided politically, we also find ourselves with a president who faces his own serious problems, so it’s this backdrop that this nominee comes into.”

The main reason that the democrats are so anxious to get their hands on the White House documents has absolutely nothing to do with Kavanaugh.

What they want is the paperwork he worked on as “a member of independent counsel Kenneth Starr’s legal team that investigated President Bill Clinton in the late 1990’s, leading to Clinton’s impeachment.”

They apparently want to use them as a blueprint to impeach President Trump.

Meanwhile, there is little chance that Kavanaugh will not ultimately be confirmed along party lines, as republicans currently hold the majority.