Dem Plan For SCOTUS

PUBLISHED: 8:39 PM 8 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 9:55 PM 8 Oct 2018

Democrats Plan Legal Change To Take Back SCOTUS

Democrats think it’s necessary to include two more justices on the court to nullify the presidential vote and the new majority on the SCOTUS.

Democrats plot to undermine the Supreme Court

President Trump’s latest win, the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, has driven many leftists to turmoil.

Desperately seeking to negate the President’s successes, Democrats have floated several ideas to take over the Supreme Court, ranging from impeaching Kavanaugh, to a sneaky plot to “pack the court,” by legislatively changing the number of Justices on the court.

All of their schemes hinge on Democrats taking control of Congress in November.

If, in fact, the Democrats were able to win majorities in both houses, there’s nothing in the U.S. Constitution that would prevent them from attempting either plan. The number of Justices on the court was not set by the Constitution; rather it was to be determined by Congress.

Although it has fluctuated in the past, the tradition of nine Justices has been the standard since the Judiciary Act of 1869.

President Trump has gone two for two on the Supreme Court in less than twenty-four months, conservatives agree. The President has pulled off a string of wins, to the point that even left-tilting C.N.N. has had to acknowledge his successes.

In an article titled, “President Donald Trump’s winning streak,” the the leftist outlet admitted the President’s success with Supreme Court justices, and that he’s shown Americans, “the best jobs data for 49 years.”

But, as protests show, this has created mass consternation for the left, who have been scrambling to try and thwart Trump’s triumphs.

If Democrats somehow cobble together a victory in the mid-term elections, experts agree that they’ll use that victory to negate President Trump’s court appointments.

Although a larger number of U.S. citizens have historically identified as conservative, most liberals insist that the Supreme Court should reflect their view of the nation, and therefore be loaded with more progressives.

“Packing the court” by having Congress raise the number of Justices so that a hypothetical future Democrat President could appoint Justices to force the court left, has evolved into their best plot to upset the balance, and undermine President Trump’s appointments.

Liberal news outlets wasted no time after Kavanaugh’s confirmation distributing the scheme.

Court packing schemes have been floated by Vice, Vox, the New Republic, and the New York Times.

By loading the Supreme Court with as many liberals as required to have a majority, Democrats could theoretically turn the court back to their vision of a small group of unelected officials who could manufacture laws, instead of congress.

Much of the left’s agenda could never pass through Congress, and Democrats have historically relied on partisan Justices to legislate from the bench in order to force their will into becoming U.S. law.

A liberal Supreme Court somehow found abortion ”rights,” hidden in a Constitutional right to privacy. Many people agree that the Supreme Court has manipulated the law to discover other things as well, such as a right to gay marriage.

It’s not likely that either of these issues could have ever passed through the legislative branch as the Constitution required, but left-leaning jurists found a way to ensure they became “law.”

Historians understand that the founders never envisioned nor intended for the court system to operate in such a manner.

U.S. Courts were designed to apply the law as written by Congress, and respect the rights of Americans actually enshrined in the Republic’s Constitution.

The founding documents gave little room for liberal “interpretation” of Constitutional rights. Written very plainly, the documents clearly acknowledged American rights, government constraints, and a separation of powers that many feel the Supreme Court has been violating.

However, the restrictions on the court system and Constitutional protections guaranteed to U.S. citizens, appears to have exasperated the left.

Many Democrats have been tossing the idea around that packing the court with more Justices might reopen one avenue for them to foist their agenda on the land of the free, but they’ve realized it would require a miraculous victory for the left in November, and even if that were possible, a large number of conservative lawmakers to join them in changing the law.

Yet, what would prevent Trump and the Republicans from expanding the Supreme Court, adding five additional conservative Justices, and passing laws to stabilize the number of Justices to that level?