PUBLISHED: 8:57 PM 30 Sep 2016

Democrats Now Moving To Censor Fox News Using FEC, “It’s Biased”


The Democrats Have Launched Their Latest Scheme

It isn’t a secret that there are more liberal media companies than conservative. In fact the only conservative news outlet that appears on television is Fox News. For the liberals, there is CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. and the list goes on and on.

It’s important to have differing viewpoints. That is the whole point of having a two party system. If you just hear the same mindset over and over it turns into a dictatorship. And that is preciously what the Democrats are trying to do.

They are actively searching for a way to get rid of all the competition. How are they doing this? Well it involves the Democrats and the Federal Election Commission. What they want to happen is make a rule that says companies with foreign investors would not be allowed to cover American politics.

As of right now, the only major cable network that has more than five percent ownership from foreign investors is Fox News. However this decision would also hurt the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. So what the Democrats are trying to do is attempt to form a dictatorship around the media.

Fox News

If The Democrats Get Their Way, Then Fox News Wouldn’t Be Allowed To Cover The Election

Currently the only conservative news outlet is Fox News. Well if this ban were to go into effect, then Fox News wouldn’t be allowed to cover the election. That means that all the other news outlets would only report negative things about Donald Trump and only positive things about Hillary Clinton.

No matter which station you went to, they would all be doing the same thing. There wouldn’t be any station that would be considered pro conservative. The other thing that this ban would do is keep news agencies “from funding expenditures, independent expenditures, or electioneering communications.”

Essentially this would turn into a dictatorship like establishment. Think about it. The only news you would be hearing all the time would be pro-Democrat news. There would be very little mention of pro-Republican news, and that would make it harder for anti-Democrat messages to get out to the public.

This way they would systematically destroy the Republican Party. If people cannot even hear about any good deeds that the Republicans are doing, then they are not going to hear of them by the time that the election comes forward, and that would mean that they wouldn’t vote for them.

This is just further evidence that there is a lot of media bias that is going on in this election. But it isn’t only the media that is showing this. Social media is starting to do the same thing. Facebook has been caught censoring pro-Republican stories. When that happened, their entire trending news team was fired. But the damage had been done.

Facebook Image

Facebook Has Also Attempted To Censor Any Republican News

Twitter is just as guilty. They were trying to hide some of the pro Trump tweets from people’s timelines. If you can’t see it, then it is like it never existed. That was their thinking. Which is true. But it’s extremely unethical that they did that.

Facebook and Twitter were not the only ones that were doing this. The massive search engine Google was doing the exact same thing. Google was caught hiding negative searches on Clinton several times. The first time was discovered back in June when the YouTube channel SourceFed discovered this.

Since then there have been several other times that Google has tried to censor something negative about Clinton. The first time that there was an issue about her health, Google didn’t show anything about it, but Yahoo and Bing have.

Clinton and Google

Google Has Shown That They Are Very Much Pro Clinton

Not only are they hiding negative information on Clinton, but also they are promoting negative information on Trump. This is their attempt to control the entire media landscape.

The biggest problem with this is that a vast majority of the people in the United States use Google over Bing and Yahoo. Therefore when they censor something like that, it is going to impact a lot of people.

All of this adds up to showing that the media is playing a huge part in trying to get the Democrats re-elected. Think about it. If this ban goes into effect, then there would be very little pro conservative coverage on television or social media. Even people that search for things would be subject to this very obvious bias.


We Would See Very Little Bipartisan Coverage

As stated earlier, the Democrats would effectively be in control of the entire media landscape. That would be the first step into having a totalitarian style of government. That is the same types of government that you see in Russia, China, and North Korea.

So right now something has to be done about this. We need to get the word out to people that this is happening. Otherwise we could be looking at a complete takeover of the media by the Democrats. We would only see positive messages about Obama and Clinton.

Very little of their scandals would be discussed and almost all negative press would be directed towards any Republican candidate. Its just part of the Democrats strategy to take over the country. It’s undeniable at this point.

Share this article to inform as many people as possible the Democrats latest attempt to control the media. They are doing what they can to make sure that the only conservative network out there is forbidden from covering any part of the election. Their plan is to involve the FEC and forbid Fox News from covering the election.

But there is something that we can do. The Democrats might want to control the media and social media, but if people continue to share and talk about their corruption, then eventually something is going to have to be done. The other thing is that we need to vote in the Republicans. If that happens, then the media will be FORCED to talk about the Republicans.