PUBLISHED: 7:06 PM 24 Jan 2017

Democrats Introduce New Platform, Calling For All Minorities And “No Whites” Moving Forward


Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren is part of the party that may be making race matter more than substance, character, ability, or fairness…all in the name of equality.

When the slaves were kept, largely by people who have no family ties to most average white people walking around America today, the one thing that they wanted was to be treated as equals. It was a very fair and reasonable request.

They had not asked to be here, and now that they were here, they wanted to be treated as any other man or women of any other race was treated. Thankfully, while America was guilty of slavery, the U.S. also became the first major world nation to outlaw the practice. Today the nation is full of black politicians, sports hero’s, doctors, laborers, and they are even leading the music industry at the moment.

These achievements, along with the fact that a white nation voted twice for a surprisingly (due to his policies, not his skin tone) popular black president, should show that while small pockets of racism will always exist on all sides, the walls have largely come down. The truth is that those walls have been down for quite some time, as even black author and economic genius Walter E. Williams has said.

The issue exists on the left as well in the hands of the would-be tyrants at the United Nations and NWO control apparatus’ so that they can gain better control over the masses. History has so many examples (Nazi Germany, Rome, Greece, the Native American Indians at the time of the pilgrims…) of cultures that have been divided, either from within or from their leaders, that have fallen.


Walter E. Williams (who would be a great choice as president were he to run) has sound stances on matters of race, the economy, and equality.

That is why the recent statements from the DNC are more than mildly alarming. As a matter of fact, the most racist and hateful language being heard this side of a  Black Lives Matter march is coming from the executive director of Idaho’s Democratic Party, Sally Boynton Brown, who has said that the job of the Democrats is to teach America ” how to be sensitive and how to shut their mouths if they are white“. The irony is that she can not see that this is just a mirror of the racism that took black people’s right to speak away in generations prior. “Shut up, whitie'” is not racist at all. Gotta’ love the ironic left.

Some in the party are blaming Clintons defeat on a lack of resources given to consultants in black areas as compared to white, and if true, that would make sense since getting out the vote in black America who is largely Democrat already would be cheaper than getting out the white vote, which would be a bit more of a sell. The trouble though is not related to any such nuance, America just DOES NOT WANT TO BE COMMUNIST! It really is that simple, Democrats.


Despite her pleasant smile, Sally Boynton Brown speaks with more hateful and divisive language than Donald Trump has ever likely ever uttered.

They claim that a “white’s jobs” – we are assigned jobs now – is to listen, not to speak. “My job is to listen and be a voice and shut other white people down when they want to interrupt,” is a direct quote from the bigoted Brown. Maybe, Ms. Brown, it is time for all skin pigments to listen and not speak long enough to learn why such a massive loss was suffered by your equally racist candidate, Mrs. Clinton. Perhaps it has to with America hating your message, and not the color of anyone’s skin.

The Democrats without reservation support now as official policy the above-mentioned racists of the Black Lives Matter movement, too. This is a group that has disrespected public speakers who have even given them a mic to speak on. They shout down white people in ways that would be called racist if done with the motive and style of which Black Lives Matter operate. They insist that racism is alive and well in the culture of whites when the case is anything but. Most white people really don’t care about the color of a person’s skin.

Until black America can understand this along with Democrat party, no progress is going to come because whites are never going to feel sorry for feelings that they do not harbor.


Racist Black Lives Matter have done more to divide the races than they have to bring any good to anyone.

What “white America” does mind is a party that’s calling for “no whites” moving forward, as if hatred of whites is any more justified than the foolish notion of hating any skin tone. When the Democrat Party is openly racist towards anyone, that is something that everyone should mind, not only whites. America also has a problem with racists on TV that pretend to speak for black America as they stand there on a football halftime show making millions of dollars speaking of how their people are oppressed.

For one, such fools do NOT speak for black America and for another,  this minimizes what real oppression is.

Real oppression is not someone giving you a dirty look for having a loud stereo, white people get that, too. What is racist is when Democrats accept money from nations like Saudi Arabia that have funded movements that have brought deadly sharia law to countless African communities and killed more blacks than the entire history of the KKK, even at their murderous height. Racism is not someone power locking a car door because a black person is standing at the corner, white people standing on the corner get that every day, too.

Rather, real racial oppression is being trapped in Libya after the Democratic war machine toppled the leader that kept non-Islamic blacks safe and who today are being slaughtered in mass.


Regardless of media lies and false portrayals, Trump has called for unity among all people from all backgrounds to make America great again.

The left is painfully misguided and off center when it comes to matters of race. They see racism where there is none and they ignore it, even flourish from it, when it helps them. One lone skinhead with no friends can call a black man the “n” word and it is front page news while the largely black Democratic Party can prop up empires that treat blacks worse than they were treated at any point in even American history.

If progress is ever going to come from the Democrat Party, they are going to have to a better job of understanding that America does very much dislike them, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with their skin tone.