Trump’s Gay Nominee

PUBLISHED: 12:19 AM 10 Mar 2018

Democrats Holding Out On Gay Politician Awaiting Confirmation

They are apparently resentful that a homosexual politician would run as a republican.

For a party obsessed with gays, they sure are letting down one openly gay Trump nominee.

Sex. Sex, sex, sex, and…sex. That is what matters in America today. If a person excels at something, “are they gay?” is as likely to be asked as the stats or proof showing what they did are to be. For some reason, who a person decides to take to bed is used as a description of a person, such as “Son’ so, the really good carpenter, is gay…” This makes no sense at all, yet now it seems that even the democrats (who laud such talk) are proving to have double standards on the topic, as the Washington Times shows today.

All during the election, the left implied that President Donald Trump was “homophobic.” Even though the openly gay Peter Theil and others were by his side since day one, this was the ruse. Now it is known that “Richard Grenell, President Trump’s nominee for Ambassador to Germany,” is a gay man who the democrats are obstructing the advancement of, something that they would call homophobic if done to them (since no one judges on merit any longer).

On the Hugh Hewett show, while speaking with Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the host said, “Rick Grenell not getting confirmed is an embarrassment. Jens Spahn is going to be the new chancellor, and we don’t have an ambassador over there, and Rick is the perfect guy. Would you go to the leader and get that scheduled?

Graham agreed.

Hewitt asked, “Will you go and ask him to get it scheduled?” and again, Graham answered, “sure.

The host observed that “30 hours is not too much to ask to have the most powerful non-nuclear nation in the world have an ambassador. I just can’t get over this. Is there a hold on him, Senator Graham?” the senator suggested.

Hewett asked, “who would be the author of that hold?” and the G.O.P. lawmaker replied, “Can’t tell you. Don’t know. You don’t have to disclose them.”

The talk show host was shocked and wondered, “And so would you be willing to push for a break in that tradition on that? This is dangerous, actually.” Graham answered, “I’ll go to Mitch. Your point is well taken. And one thing you can do is you can push out somebody that has a hold. If you actually bring it to the floor, you smoke them out.

Imagine that, democrats need to be “smoked out” as they hide from what they stand behind. Suddenly, with this gay man, they want to judge his merit (which they find little in since he is pro-Trump and their agenda forbids it), not his lifestyle as they normally do.

When they promote a homosexual for a post, however, anyone opposing it must be doing so because they hate gay people, according to what leading democrats say. That is their double standard on full display.

Grenell is just one of over one hundred “Trump nominees who have been approved in committee and are waiting for a floor vote to finalize their confirmation.” In other words, the left is hampering the progress and functionality of the whole nation by acting as they are towards the current administration.

For this reason, the Daily Caller opined that “Senate republicans should force each nomination for a floor debate thus trapping democrats in DC for tedious Senate procedures.” They also grimly write that “According to the Senate rules democrats and their republican enablers love to cite, they have to wait 30 hours after ending debate. This has turned into three or so nominees confirmed a week, averaging 79 days a nominee, with McConnell himself griping that at this rate, it will take 11 years to confirm Trump’s nominees.”

Grenell has all of the credentials needed for the role that Mr. Trump has chosen him for. He has been the “former spokesman for the allied coalition in Iraq, and spokesman for the US Ambassador to the UN under President George W. Bush.

Here we can see that the fact that he is gay and republican is what is causing the rub for the left. The same hatred was (and is still) being shown to Milo Yiannopoulos, a libertarian-leaning Trump supporter who is as flamboyant as the sun is hot.

If he or Grenell were democrats, they would get the kind of welcome that sexually confused leftists got when they got elected to Congress last year, but they don’t.

The reason is that the left has a stance that they won’t stand behind without being “smoked out.”