PUBLISHED: 6:37 PM 28 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 7:24 PM 28 Mar 2017

Democrats Force Trump’s Hand: Now Demanding Final Probe To End It All…And Clinton Is Involved


Clinton is the one found to have Russian ties, not Trump, and her ties deal with deadly uranium.

Besides being more toxic to the kidneys than a life of fast food and alcohol abuse, uranium is a deadly cancer-causing radioactive product that nature has buried in the Earth for a reason. It is one of the ominous compounds that lurked after the nuclear bomb tests. It produced enough fallout on John Wayne and crew during the filming of “The Conquerer” in St. George, Utah that everyone who was on set died of cancer or fallout related causes. It seems only fitting that such a toxic compound, an element that is not only dangerous to humans, but ALL life, would be tied to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump said in dual tweets on Monday that the House Intelligence Committee needs to investigate “a deal” with a Russian company called Rosatom and a Canadian mining company that has direct ties to the Clinton Foundation. The scheme put “one-fifth of U.S. uranium interests in Russian hands,” according to the Washington Examiner. The President again defended himself against the onslaught of fake news that has been wafting from the left about his campaign’s supposed Russian ties, calling them “a hoax.


Trump had been leaving Clinton alone, but since her party keeps attacking, he is fighting back.

The deal happened with Uranium One, a company in Canada that is owned by Clinton Foundation “patron” Frank Giustra. The irony of a charity owning a company that produces a product that kills people even in peaceful use is not to be missed. Nor is the fact that this is one of the associations that caused Clinton to be questioned enough in the voter’s minds that they chose Trump instead. The deal not only signed over vast amounts of America’s uranium, but it also happened while Clinton was the Secretary of State. It “required the approval of an inter-agency committee that included the State Department,” as confirmed in the Examiner article. This means that she was heading the agency that needed to oversee the transaction fairly in order to ascertain whether this was a good deal for the nation. How very convenient, no?

We learned only yesterday of the act of “psychological projection” that saw Clinton’s camp guilty of neglecting to report 75,000 shares of high-end Russian stock acquired by John Podesta while he worked for both Clinton and Obama. The very deeds of which the Commander in Chief is being wrongfully accused of are the actions that were being perpetrated by Clinton and her team of criminals. Not only is uranium something best left in the Earth undisturbed or altered due to its radioactive qualities, but it is also a needed component in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons. The Japanese had children clad only in sandals mining it during World War II, so powerful is the deadly poison for purposes of warfare. With Russia so close to Iran and with the two nations detesting America as they do, what could Clinton’s motive have been in allowing this?


Bill and Hillary Clinton certainly did cozy up to Russian companies for questionable uranium deals.

On the Democrat side of the debate is Clinton accusing Trump of having ties with Russia that lead to him getting the benefit of leaks while on the road to the White House. There is no evidence of any kind to be found to support this rumor and even if it were true, how can Putin be blamed? The leaks showed real satanic spirit cooking, provable corruption and ties to brutal sharia dictatorships like Saudi Arabia where woman are abused as a past time. If it were true that Putin did this (he did not), America should be sending him “Thank You” cards, borsht, or vodka for sparing us such a terrible fate, not condemning the man. If it were true, he did our country a great service, for even an enemy who saves one from drowning is not such a terrible foe that he deserves no thanksgiving, is he?

The House Intelligence Committee is probing into both Clinton’s claims as well as Trump’s, but the facts are looking rather grim at this point for the Democrats. Pizzagate seems to have been the only development that is under question as “fake news.” Meanwhile the devil worship, “bought and paid for” political friendships to nations run by butchers and even this uranium scandal are nothing even HINTING at the word, “fake.” It seems like, more than anything, Pizzagate was simply the only logical (if misguided) conclusion left to ponder. A person who would sell out the nation, whose husband allowed nuclear trade secrets to fall into Chinese hands and a campaign funded by the Saudi’s who helped bring down the Trade Center Towers is a person who would employ those that harm children. Had it been true, who would have been shocked?


Most of the mainstream media has bent over backwards to not have to address what Clinton and her team really did.

Many will recall that Donald Trump has lent himself over to the side of forgiving Clinton for countless evils for the greater hope of healing a politically fractured nation, but such can not be the case. For starters, the Democrats are not only refusing to work with Trump, but are also trying to impeach him. They are lying about his ties to a nation that has shown America NO respect, and in doing so, have insulted the President who loves this nation to his core. Clinton even is envisioning herself in the Mayor’s chair in New York City, though she has been allowed by Trump’s grace to not see a prison cell due in part to her leaving the world stage, it can be assumed.

No sitting president can allow himself to be undermined and be expected to still honor the promise of the olive branch. That branch is now about to be transformed into a beating stick and there are to be red hides on many Democrat seating areas when Trump is done swinging it. The Clinton crowd of crazies have gone too far and well beyond the pale of decorum in opposing his rightful victory to the White House. At some point their opposition becomes sedition and that is now happening. Trump is not even able to do his job and address (much less solve) Russian problems with such distractions and lies. How can Putin be expected to offer a handshake to a president whose own Congress has promised to undercut and short change any deal struck?


Uranium is a poison to all life even when NOT weaponized. Sadly, less of it than ever is in the control of America.

For these reasons, look for Donald Trump to issue less warnings and to resort to more actions. This is not the kind of way that Trump had wanted to lead, but it is the only option being afforded him. If the Democrats want a bit more understanding, then perhaps it is now imperative that they show a little bit of honesty by ceasing the Putin lie. If not, the jail is open all night and has plenty of room for those that sell our nations deadly uranium to others. After all, it is ours to poison ourselves with as we see fit, not for other nations to poison us with.