Nancy Loses Control

PUBLISHED: 7:59 PM 2 Jul 2020

Democrats Defect! Pelosi Losing Control As National Backlash Gains Followers

The fact that most democrats are bought and paid for by Chinese cash, many people argue, is seen here in the majority refusal to support this common sense legislation.

Pelosi's iron-fisted control seems to be slipping. (Source: Time YouTube Screenshot)

On Wednesday, 39 democrats joined the GOP to approve a House motion that restricts Chinese access to United States infrastructure projects, if those Chinese companies commit human rights violations. Although some people point out that the ‘stipulation’ part of the motion is ridiculous, since an avowed enemy of the nation should not have access to these projects anyway, the move caused chaos in the House.

Breitbart News reported:

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR) introduced a motion to recommit, which would limit China’s access to American infrastructure programs if the Chinese state-owned or operated enterprises or Chinese companies help construct Uyghur concentration camps.

The motion to recommit, which was adopted by the House, will now send the House Democrats’ $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill back to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and include Crawford’s provision to curb Chinese access to U.S. infrastructure projects as long as they commit human rights abuses.

The House adopted Crawford’s motion to recommit with 224 votes in favor of the measure and 193 votes against the proposal.

This marks the seventh time that the GOP has forced Democrats to amend their bill by approving a motion to recommit. The Republicans’ victory also calls into question House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) ability to control her rank-and-file members from defecting and voting for GOP measures.

Political experts and reporters have previously written that Republican wins on motions to recommit votes serve as an “embarrassment” for Democrat leadership.

House Republicans successfully inserted language into H.R. 8 that would require ICE to notify the background check system anytime an undocumented immigrant tries to buy a gun, an embarrassment for Dem leaders.

Even after the unexpected addition, the House passed H.R.8, 240-190.

— Marianna Sotomayor (@MariannaNBCNews) February 27, 2019

Republicans contended on Wednesday that domestic infrastructure projects should not go to Chinese government firms that oppress their own citizens.

“We can’t afford to allow the Chinese government to take control of our power grid or broadband system — and we all know that allowing Chinese companies to compete for these projects often opens the door to Chinese government control,” Crawford said when introducing his amendment on the House floor on Wednesday.

“Time and again, China has demonstrated its hostility to America’s interests and international standards of transparency and accountability while violating basic human morality,” he added.

“We have a moral obligation to ensure that no government that treats its citizens this way – and none of its state-sponsored companies that help them do it – benefits from the Majority’s spending spree,” Crawford added.

.@RepRickCrawford: “We can’t afford to allow the Chinese government to take control of our power grid or broadband system”

“China has demonstrated its hostility to America’s interests”

— Mark Bednar (@MarkBednar) July 1, 2020