Dems Stun

PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM 6 May 2019

Democrats Claim Obama Is Responsible For Incredible Economy

During the ‘State of the Union” on CNN, democrats paraded the current talking points that Obama is responsible for the booming economy.

Yeah, right.

Because they can’t attack President Trump on his amazing retransformation of the American economy, democrats have apparently decided to give Obama the credit.

On Sunday’s edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” both Cory Booker (aka Spartacus) and Amy Klobuchar gave Obama the credit for the massive shift in economic prosperity.

Of course, anyone with the ability to think logically knows that the boom is a direct result of President Trump’s sanctions and removal of erroneous regulations on private businesses.

But, just listen to these warped democrats:

Booker said, “First of all, I love Trump is taking credit for a recovery that started under Obama. Who is this economy going to work for? We have a tax plan that was all about giving the wealthiest plan more of a break. My vision for this country is target things like massive increasing income tax credit to actual workers. We have to make sure this is a shared recovery. Right now it definitely is not.”

Amy Klobuchar said, “I give our workers and businesses the credit, When you’re out there you see people working harder and harder every day, and this has meant that our businesses are strong and we’re selling American goods.

“That being said, a lot of people aren’t sharing in this prosperity because of the cost, the cost of college, the cost of health care, the fact that the president had promised he would bring down the prices of their prescription drugs, and that just hasn’t happened.

“So when you get out there, and you see the energy out there and the concern, talk to farmers who are trying to sell their soybeans. There are people out there that are not sharing in this economic prosperity, and it’s not fair, and it’s not the American way. So while we attribute a lot of this to our workers and to our businesses, we know we can do better as a country.”

She added, “I’m thinking about when we were in that downturn, and President Obama came into office, and he had to deal with that with the Congress to try to, one, right the financial industry and, two, get us on the road to recovery. I remember that the Republicans were giving him grief when he took any credit for that.

“So I think that we have had policies in place starting with President Obama that have aided that recovery. But what I believe is that we should be governing from opportunity and not chaos. My problem with President Trump —and I think the problem you’re seeing from the citizens of this country when you mention those numbers and what’s happening, they see chaos every day.

“They wake up in the morning and see a mean tweet or they see some inconsistent policy that causes chaos during the day. They want to have a leader that their kids can look up to.”

Bull crap.

The American worker doesn’t wake up to chaos… he is waking up to the fact that he has job security for the first time in decades!

And, if ‘hard work’ were all that was needed, what did the American worker di under Obama’s regime, lay around?

These claims are idiotic and insulting.

President Trump has orchestrated this economic turnaround with the use of policies these same democrats scoffed at.