PUBLISHED: 5:08 PM 12 Jan 2017

Democrats Cheering As Eric Holder Now Leads The Charge To “Save America” From Trump’s Grasp

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Eric Holder has broken more laws than most of those that he has locked away in prison.

America is a strange place. While it is not America’s duty to change and become more “normal” at the behest of the United Nations, just the same, it is pretty clear why those who enter the melting pot may take a moment to adjust to the temperature.

For instance, when Mariah Carey was caught red handed lip-syncing, she saw her credibility rightfully questioned by her fans. When an attorney general works with the president to construct a scheme to run poorly traceable guns to Mexico in an effort to catch Mexican criminals while innocents die, that attorney general has a long and bright future in American politics as a Democrat.

While we may never know just how many people died under former Attorney General Eric Holder’s failed “Fast and Furious” gun-running debacle of death, we do now know that he is going to be used by California to ruin every benefit that Donald Trump is bringing to the White House.

One would have thought that Governor Jerry Brown would have an issue with such a flawed man being embraced within his state, but California’s Jerry Brown has been in office off and on since Jello Biafra warned of his evil’s in the early 1980’s. Brown has failed his state terribly for years and yet like most failed political hacks, he keeps getting re-elected.


Even those on the far left like activist Jello Biafra has warned about Governor Brown being corrupt for over 30 years. Brown has done nothing to stop the corrupt Eric Holder.

Thankfully, a group called Judicial Watch is stepping up to the plate for the good of both the state of California and the nation as a whole by asking for more information from the state regarding Holder’s hiring. Their filing is said to include“all contracts between the California Legislature and former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. or Covington and Burling.”

California is already the most left-leaning state in the Union, now they wish to hire the most left-leaning lawyer to help them insert the Constitution more deeply into the paper shredder. Is it any wonder that millions of voters in California support starting their own 51st  state, Jefferson, far away from those that force their liberal agenda down the throats of everyone?

Judicial Watch also points out that Holder is the first Attorney General to ever be brought up on contempt charges for refusing to answer questions about his Fast and Furious death toll and it’s outright illegality.

While president Obama said that Eric Holder did a “superb job,” when the facts are more closely looked upon, that is not the case at all. Eric Holder has a history of supporting racist black organizations which will prove very important considering the fact that the racism of Black Lives Matter is alive and waiting to gain a stronger foothold in California. When the New Black Panthers threatened voters in Philadelphia, Holder sided with the Panthers.


As AG, Holder had a list of failings that has been unparalleled within the US legal system.

Likewise, Holder could not gather that when US Army Major Nidal Hasan killed thirteen people during a shooting spree in the name of his radical Islamic beliefs that such a crime was a hate crime. Holder called the horrific attack a mass shooting “workplace violence.”

When he was done there, he moved on to spying on Fox News, which he justified by saying that Fox lost it’s freedom of the press when it received classified material. This should mortify anyone who hears it because while the Constitution does allow for such actions, there is a process that must be adhered to.


Fast and Furious was but one of the many fails for Holder. We may never know how many innocents died in both the US and Mexico over this action.

Holder has said that known terrorists have rights, even when they are not citizens of the United States. Meanwhile, he supported Obama’s statement that the government can kill US citizens on US soil, sans any trial. He has also done everything in his power to allow illegal voting to happen in America by supporting the idea that voters need not show their ID to vote.

AG Eric holder was in the chair when over on million homeowners were scammed out of homes that many should never have been given credit for, save for the greedy desires of banks that preyed upon the poorer among us. In 2007, when the crash that America has STILL not recovered from happened, Holder sided this time with the banks. Those with thousands invested into their homes were given a paltry $2000 while the banks got homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. This also included most items WITHIN the house, too.


Eric Holder must not have read the sign.

Holder has been known to have helped Jon Corzine who lost 1.6 billion dollars as head of the MF. His office then  pocketed money used to hire new employees as AG, and he has even been allowed to withhold documents that could prove that he was attempting to oversee FBI assassinations of Occupy Wall Street leaders. Mexican drug-lord Manuel Celis-Acosta was captured and safe housed twice by Holder as AG, and both times he was set free. He was the supposed target of Fast and Furious!

The list of injustices that Holder has spat upon the American public could go on volumes. The list would be exhaustive and likely incomplete even if years were spent compiling it. Eric Holder is the kind of man that California has in mind to appoint as it’s head legal mind.

If this occurs, then as Donald Trump works to make America great again, Holder will be working to keep the nation down.