PUBLISHED: 6:19 PM 22 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 6:53 PM 22 Dec 2017

Democrats Charged With ‘Sunshine’ Law Violation, Irate State Opens Investigation Over ILLEGAL Act

Tennessee's Mayor Strickland (pictured) is having some scrutiny paid to what he allowed to happen in two parks.

Memphis Mayor Strickland (pictured) is having some scrutiny paid to what he allowed to happen in two parks.

The Conservative Daily Post yesterday showed that Memphis officials worked like cockroaches as they scurried under the cover of darkness and the Christmas rush to defile American history by removing Confederate monuments. It was noted that if those in America who rightly see what is happening, and why, that our country was in deep trouble.

Thankfully, the Tennessean is reporting that “Republican state lawmakers on Thursday called for an investigation and are considering drafting new legislation after Memphis sold two public parks to circumvent state law in order” to have two popular statues removed from the public view. This broke the very spirit of the law, a nuance that has rightfully angered many close to the matter. That is why jail bars are may be waiting for those who facilitated the removal and committed a “sunshine violation” in doing so.

House Majority Leader Glen Casada and House Republican caucus chairman Ryan Williams plan to begin working immediately with “House Speaker Beth Harwell, Attorney General Herbert Slatery and the state comptroller’s office” in order to not only look into the matter, but to “recommend action to the full body of the legislature,” also.

Also in the good news category, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland is said to have “no qualms” concerning the investigation into how this travesty happened, either. His arrogance may yet bring him low as he says, “We welcome any review, ’cause we are confident this was a legal transaction. And we’ll answer any questions and provide any documents.”

As reported yesterday, the city sold to parks so that historically accurate monuments to Nathan Bedford Forrest and Confederate President Jefferson Davis could be violated with removal from public view. The parks were sold for only $1,000 to Memphis Greenpeace, raging leftists longing to erase uncomfortable yet prudent history.

The “state Historical Commission denied the city’s application to remove the statues,” so this action has raised the concerns of Casada and Williams. “We are governed by the rule of law here in Tennessee and these actions are a clear infringement of this principle and set a dangerous [sic] precedence for our state,” they said.

We look forward to beginning this investigation and addressing this important constitutional issue as we prepare for the 2018 legislative session in Nashville,” they also said.

The two G.O.P. members are also looking into who the “rapid and clear undervalued sale” of the parks benefitted. Likewise, Lt. Gov. Randy McNally said that he was “saddened” by the cities ruthless move to “make an end run around the law and the explicit intent of the General Assembly.”

The apparent violation of the sunshine law in the selling of the parks is concerning,” McNally admitted. “Whether they ran afoul of the letter of the law is not clear. That they violated the spirit of the law is undeniable.”

Did Strickland skirt the law? It appears so.

Because the issue has been so politicized, it is important to reiterate that the overwhelming majority of those who support leaving such statues and monuments in place has nothing to do with supporting the detestable action of slave owning. Rather, it is about protecting our heritage, blemishes and all, as well as teaching what these men did.

Those in Memphis who feel otherwise are perfectly free to feel as they wish. However, breaking the law to push those sordid beliefs down everyone throat will not be tolerated, as some are seeing in Tennesee today.

Sources: The Conservative Daily PostThe Tennessean