Gun Control Begins

PUBLISHED: 10:09 PM 10 Jan 2019

Democrats Bring Gun Control Bill To Floor Criminalizing Private Sales

In one of the first orders of business for the newly democrat-controlled House, leaders introduced a bill that would make it criminal to conduct private gun transactions.

Democrats have a plan to outlaw private firearms sales.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Mike Thompson introduced legislation this week that has, what appears to be a hidden agenda. It would basically criminalize any private sale of firearms in the United States.

Just as promised, gun control proponent Gabby Giffords was there to take part in the introduction of the legislation, which is titled H.R. 8, and is designed to make it illegal for private gun sales to occur.

The “8” is intended to honor Giffords for surviving the attack on her life eight years ago.

Rep. Thompson tweeted an ABC News report explaining H.R. 8, which basically makes it illegal to sell a gun privately, because it requires non-retail gun sales to submit to a background check. How could an individual do this? They couldn’t.

The Democrats are joined by three House Republicans, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), Rep. Brian Mast (R-FL), and Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), in their effort to circumvent the Second Amendment.

“Ironically, although the bill was ubiquitously intended to honor Giffords, the laws contained in it would not have prevented the attack on her from occurring. Her attacker passed a background check at retail to acquire the handgun he used to shoot her.”

Many people recognize that this is just the latest attempt by the left in the country to curtail all guns and create a European style society that is perfect for criminals to exploit.

They also wonder if Pelosi actually read this bill.

A population that is completely disarmed is prey to both evil individuals and government tyranny. Thinking people recognize that the Second Amendment was created to ensure that the government could not overrun the will of the people.

Moreover, an armed population is a strong criminal deterrent. Many different studies and much research has proven that some of the safest places in America are those with the most number of armed citizens.

By using this ‘background check’ end-around, democrats hope to hinder all private gun sales. They claim such a move would stop crime, but like all liberal measures, the only people who will actually obey will be people who aren’t criminals.

The stupidity in congress over the next two years, many people expect, will be staggering. If this move is any indication, they’re probably right.

It only waits to see what the next impotent, highly-bureaucratic and costly measure democrats propose to make a law will be.